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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Ventus, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Ventus

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    Hey whats you're favorite gaming controller. Mine is the gamecube/wii controller. Please no bully. The only problen is it has three buttons on the back instead of four and the analogs dont click so sometimes i run into issues with shooters. But aside from that the gamecube/wii controllers is really gooder.

    I also am in love with the wee wee remote, i happen to enjoy motion controll ever sense I played [ZELDA SKYWARD SWORD] and the gyrosxope and even IR motion is much more enjoyingBle to me then using dual analogs or kb/m. So

    So what is tour favorute gaming xontrollee
  2. pyjamas5189

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    I don't mind the motion of the wii controller either. Console controller wise I always had playstation but have to say I probably prefer the Xbox controller. I also have a game cube controller for my wii and I don't have any problems with that one either
  3. Gamecuuuuuuuuuuuube

    Although the WiiU pro controller was lovely. Very light and the battery lasted bloody ages.
  4. Scribear


    Gamecube Controller - 10/10 - Scribear approval rating is 100%
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  5. Dizzi


    gamecubes and Xbox 360 controllers were my favourite didn't like the Wiis contoller
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  6. The Wii controller is very easy to use, and very light. The Xbox 360 controller sits very comfortably in your hands, and the button and analog stick placements are perfect.
  7. mαrkαsscoρ

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    any of them would do
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  8. Wombat Veteran

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    Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

    The off-kilter analog sticks are my preferred layout. I've never been able to acclimate to the setup of the PS4 or Wii U Pro controllers. The benefit (for me) of the right analog stick's position is being able to use my index finger to manage the face buttons while changing my view (I'm weird).
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  9. Bok of the Wild

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    The triggers on the PS4 controller are better than the Xbox ones imo. Also the dpad of the 360 controller was a nightmare which they at least fixed for the one.
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  10. Jamie

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    The Xbox controller was always pretty good with analog placement, but honestly it doesn't take long to get used to either one.
  11. DoomDash


    For fighting games I had the perfect PS2 controller. Eventually it broke and it would have taken years to break in a new dpad the same way.

    But if we want to talk about normal gaming, I'd say the XB1 controller is probably ideal.
  12. Castle

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    Used to be the gamecube, then I got my hands on the 360 - always luved those offset sticks and jellybeans ^^ - since I got my PS4 I find the individual input controls (buttons, triggers, sticks) just more precise overall. The sticks have those upturned ridges along the edges that offer good tactile sensation. The buttons feel right and have solid feedback when depressed, and the triggers are leagues better than the 360s. I think the PS4 is my new favorite controller :bubsy:
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