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Favorite game or current favorite game.

Oct 1, 2016
All time favorite - tied between Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess

When not playing either of those: probably The Binding of Isaac. I've got over 600 hours logged on that...
Oct 2, 2016
Name your favorite game or current favorite game (I know some people change favorites over time).

My current favorite game is Okami, with Okamiden behind it, then Need for Speed: Undercover.
Is Okami really that great? I never got around to playing it, I was thinking of getting it recently and then decided not to. Is it worth it? does it have a good plot/gameplay etc?
Oct 19, 2016
Wind Waker, but this is a Zelda forum, so I'll talk about another game.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.Huge levels with massive replayabilty, speed had to be earned, beautiful graphics and so much personality.


Oct 6, 2016
Majora's Mask; always has been always most likely will be unless BOTW can somehow top it.


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Oct 13, 2016
Skyward Sword is my favorite game, the sheer variety, brilliance and heart poured into that game kept me gripped for 70 hours. I loved the story, the humor, the romance, the puzzles, the music, the density in its levels. There are very minor things that i didnt enjoy. ´

Second on the list is Final Fantasy VIII, which was my fav for a long time. Then i have Mass Effect, Dark Souls, Oblivion, OoT, Shadows of the Colossus and so forth.

I love that someone else appreciates FF VIII! It is so often overlooked but it's my favorite of the main Final Fantasy series, and it's definitely among my favorite games of all time.

I'd say my top 10 games of all time is something like this:

1. Ocarina of Time
2. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Majora's Mask
4. Skyward Sword
5. Final Fantasy VIII
6. Dragon Age: Inquisition
7. Knights of the Old Republic
8. Twilight Princess
9. Pokemon Gold & Silver
10. Paper Mario

Sidenote -I just finished the Earth Temple in Skyward Sword, but I already know that it's going to be one of my favorite Zelda games. Probably second only to OoT honestly. I just am so in love with it.


Oct 24, 2012
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Other than Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess I've had a long standing affection for the Myst series and especially the sequel, Riven. The series overall is hit and miss but Myst was my first video game love affair and everyone remembers their first time :) Riven is a masterpiece of an artistic medium that surpasses almost every video game for design, expression and innovation unto this day.

My all time favorite video games all share an emphasis on player driven exploration and attention to detail in the environments. Not only is the Arkham series (which consists solely of Asylum and City) a brilliant adaptation of the Batman franchise with the most solid gameplay anyone can get from a video game, but the surreal environments of those games are among some of the most exciting to behold. Fallout 3's post apocalyptic Washington DC is another game that features brilliant environments to explore and is not only a worthy successor to Fallout 2 (suck it haters) but also one of the most creative and poignant original fictions in all of video games. I'd put Fallout's sci-fi setting on par with literary greats such as Card and Asimov. When I visited Washington DC a few years ago, I was thrilled to get to see the iconic buildings and areas depicted in Fallout 3 and note the differences. One of the most fun things was riding the metro and seeing the names of all the stations.


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Oct 8, 2016
Stuttgart, Germany
My all time favorite has to be the Wind Waker, escpecially with the HD graphics on the Wii U. Undertale would probably be a close second.
Oct 2, 2016
Out of the games that I've played, I would have to say that Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is my favorite title. I've been a fan of the series ever since the second game released. However, I believe the sequel is far superior. The storytelling, the musical score, the atmosphere, and the puzzles all come together to produce one of the best titles that Level 5 has ever produced. Although Diabolical Box was great as well, I still would place it, Curious Village, and the prequels behind Unwound Future.

As far as Zelda games go, I would have to say that The Wind Waker HD is my favorite. Initially when I played the game, I got frustrated with the sailing aspect. I even put the game on a long hiatus. It wasn't until maybe a year that I came back to it, and am I glad that I did! Wind Waker HD perfectly captures the thrill of exploration. Over time, sailing the vast sea eventually started to grow on me. Even though the game is lacking in dungeons, I believe the story is one of the most captivating in the series. I especially loved the final boss fight with Ganon. If you don't have it already, what is wrong with you? Pick it up at your local store for $20. You'll be glad that you did.
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