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Favorite Franchises for Music


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
1) Zelda- great music all the way through and makes you see the places in your head.
2) Metroid- same as Zelda just pulls it off a bit better
3) Halo- can sometimes get drowned out by gunfire, but when you really listen it is amazing
4) Fallout- I'm mainly talking about 3 and New Vegas, because I always have my pip-boy 3000's radio on so the music is classic. No really, it's classic music from previous decades.


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May 26, 2010
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Kingdom Hearts is a video game series whose musical works have done nothing but amaze. Yoko Shimomura is a musical genius; she NEVER fails to disappoint. The newest title in the series, Dream Drop Distance, keeps that raised bar high and hasn't dropped it at all. For example, the new battle theme for Traverse Town, entitled Hand to Hand (rather than the prestigious Hand in Hand, while being drastically different from the theme previously used still keeps the battles having that hectic feel. Another nice change, Sacred Distance rather than Sacred Moon first introduced in Kingdom Hearts II, still kept The World that Never Was as mysterious and awkward as it had ever been. Ever.

Samples:All for One HD Disc 2 - 15 - Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance OST - YouTube
Sacred Distance HD Disc 2 - 20 - Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance OST - YouTube
L'Oscurita dell'Ignot HD Disc 3 - 01 - Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance OST - YouTube
Xehanort -The Early Years- HD Disc 3 - 02 - Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance OST - YouTube
Xigbar HD Disc 2 - 18 - Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance OST - YouTube
Aug 12, 2012
1) The Legend of Zelda - pretty much obvious; no game in the series lacks great music. From simple sounds, to beautifully constructed tracks, The Legend of Zelda is flawless in terms of music.
2) Chrono Series - This was a hard decision, I would have placed Final Fantasy at number two, but the music from Chrono Trigger is simply amazing, and Chrono Cross is even better. Every time I play Chrono Cross, every time I hear any track from the game, it instantly transports me. It awakens memories and emotions, Chrono Cross was a huge game for me growing up, so I will always hold it dear.
3) Final Fantasy - FF7 was the very first game that completely consumed me. I remember being around 15 or so when it came out, and playing it for ridiculous amount of hours in one sitting. In every way FF7 is a masterpiece; the music is beautiful, engaging, and complex. FF7 isn't the only game that has awesome music of course, FF8, 9 and 4 all have beautiful music throughout.


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Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
Oh, that's easy. Here are my top 5 in order:

1) Final Fantasy
2) Legend of Zelda
3) Mario
4) Metriod
5) Dragon Warrior/Quest

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