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Favorite Exprerience with Zelda?

Jun 6, 2012
When i say this, i mean like if you beat a zelda in 24 hours with a buddy, or the day of release, or the week at school where everyone was talking about strategies and how to beat certain dungeons/temples, get cool side quest items and heart pieces, etc. My favorite was when my bro was on the fourth temple of majoras mask, he ordered pizza and we played from ikana graveyard till we beat the game, let me know yours

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Hm. I'm not entirely sure if they can be considered spectacular experiences or not, but I have two to share.

On my seventeenth birthday, a bunch of my friends came over. We basically hung out in my room all day and played video games. Of course, the only video games I own are Zelda games, with the exception of Monster Hunter Tri and Sonic: Unleashed. We played Skyward Sword, and we took turns challenging bosses in the Lightning Round. It was a lot of fun.

Another great experience with Zelda that I've had was the day of release for Skyward Sword. This was the first Zelda game I've ever gotten to legitimately wait for. On the day of release, I could hardly contain my excitement on the car ride home from GameStop, clutching the case for Skyward Sword in my hands. When I got home, I started up the Wii, and was practically jumping up and down as I waited for the game to load. I remember feeling really really good, as if all the waiting was finally worth it. This was the first time I'd ever experienced this kind of feeling with a Zelda game, so naturally it's one of my most cherished experiences with the franchise.


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May 26, 2010
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My favorite experience with Zelda was beating Ocarina of Time with my older brother and dad when we got it on launch date. Those are memories to relive as they're the last time either of those two people played the series ever again. I think I might even move on from the series like they have.


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Mar 22, 2010
Me and my bros pre-ordered Skyward Sword, then played it on thanks-giving with a family member who was a generation below us, yet me and him where about the same age.


Jan 10, 2011
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Experiencing the Wii MotionPlus technology of Skyward Sword. I know this isn't one specific moment, but it's an experience nonetheless.

I've always enjoyed games with motion controls. Playing a game with motion controls that allow for virtually complete control is just that much better. It's why I love Red Steel 2 so much. Swinging the Wii Remote around and watching my character's sword follow that motion with 100% accuracy, popping dat shield up by shaking the Nunchuk, piloting a mechanized flying beetle by tilting the Wii Remote, aiming and firing arrows with an easy-to-use bow and arrow simulation... It's just pure bliss. I felt as if I were playing Zelda for the first time all over again. And that's really nice for a long-time vet like me.
Jan 2, 2012
My favorite experience was just playing through Twilight Princess for the first time, as it was my first Zelda game, and it just blew my mind, the vast overworld, the dark sophisticated story, the amount of time I put into it, etc. I credit that game for making me a Zelda fan probably for life.


Nov 12, 2010
Kupsacker said:
My favorite experience was just playing through Twilight Princess for the first time, as it was my first Zelda game, and it just blew my mind, the vast overworld, the dark sophisticated story, the amount of time I put into it, etc. I credit that game for making me a Zelda fan probably for life.

Entirely same situation for me. Not my favorite experience, though.

Ventus said:
I think I might even move on from the series like they have.

I've considered this as well, actually. I haven't played Zelda in ten months now; the last one I played is Oracle of Seasons. I doubt I will in the end, but I haven't been getting into the series all that much lately. I find that my nostalgia - which I will discuss in the coming paragraphs - is the only thing keeping me attached to the series still. I love discussing the series with you guys still, but I don't feel much motivation to play it. A shame, since I never completed many of the games.

Anyway, I have a few amazing experiences with Zelda; the series will always be the series of my childhood. The first memory I'll cover is Skyward Sword. Yes, Skyward Sword. As much as I abhor the game, the first four dungeons were amazing. I got the game on the afternoon of the 20th - the release date in the States. The day before Thanksgiving, my parents let me take the day off from school. I was up all night trekking through Lanayru Province. Lanayru is easily my favorite province due to this. This is among one of the fondest memories I have had for the past two years.

The next fond memory would be with A Link to the Past. I tangoed with this game throughout all of my early childhood, never succeeding in beating it. Whether it be too young of an age to understand how to, or a corrupted save file halfway through, it seemed like I would never beat the game. When I finally discovered the wonders of the Virtual Console, however, I pounced on this opportunity. However, I was interested in attaining the Cape, and I stumbled upon a curious website. Zelda Dungeon. A Link to the Past was my gateway to this site, and I finished the game less than a month after finding it. These two, when combined, created one of the best experiences in 2010.

And yet, the most important - and my favorite - experience has to be with the Oracle Series. When I caught wind of Zelda games also made by Capcom, I was skeptical. This didn't stop me from adding the two games to my Christmas list. Christmas day came, and neither game was present. That is, until I pulled out the contents from my stocking. They were in the very bottom, and it was the greatest surprise of my entire Christmas. I immediately popped in Oracle of Ages and was instantaneously infatuated with the series. The Oracle Series still remains as my favorite Zelda games.

I've had many great experiences with Zelda; it was basically my childhood. It's hard to imagine possibly letting the series go, but I will always have these fond memories. These memories are the things that change dismay from a lost sense of enjoyment to contentment. All good things must come to an end at one point or another, but I will never forget what Zelda has done for me. I know I always speak of Assassin's Creed, but the childhood memories of playing Twilight Princess and my dad watching me play will always outweigh the feeling of emotions that rush through me when I play Assassin's Creed alone.
May 3, 2012
I guess it would be a toss up between my first years playing the original as a young kid trying to beat the game constantly, or Christmas morning playing OoT until I couldn't keep my eyes open.


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Feb 10, 2012
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Mine would probably be when I got Majora's Mask for my birthday. I got it around noon and had to wait all day before I could play. Probably the most excitedive ever been for a game ever.
Apr 10, 2010
I've got a few memories related to Zelda.
The earliest would be playing the original and just wandering around the overworld having no idea what to do. I didn't even know the game had any dungeons until years later.

Also when Ocarina of Time was released everyone in school was into it and it was the only thing being talked about. Many people would wear their OoT T-shirts that were given away to pre-orders of the game. I faked being sick a few days to stay home and finish whatever dungeon I was on at the time.


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Apr 12, 2012
I've got a few

Watching my Mom play through ALTTP/OoT/MM: Pretty much how I was introduced to the series, and back then I just loved watching her play, because I thought it looked too hard. I used to call her so smart whenever she solved a difficult puzzle. I knew exactly what was going on story wise, she read everything out to me. Most of the time we would be under the comfort of a blanket on a cold Autumn/Winter night, and that really added to the atmosphere for me. My mom has always been the closest person to me in my life, and memories like that make this series very special to me.

Getting the Collectors Edition disk for Gamecube on my birthday: This doesn't really sound too special, but it was the first time I tried playing a Zelda game for myself. I tried to play the first 2 games, but they were too hard for me and I just kept getting lost so I just jumped right to OoT and MM. Aside from things like school, I played them to death all day until I got 100% in both of them. It was such a great feeling beating them by myself.

Twilight Princess: I didn't exactly know how to put this. I got it for Christmas, but the real experience for me was just playing it. A lot of people hate it for being linear, trying to be too dark, dull colors, etc. And that's fine, everyone is titled to their own opinion. But it turned out to be my favorite Zelda game so far. In fact, it's my favorite game in general to date. I love the gameplay of it, the story, the graphics style, being a Wolf, the soundtrack, and it has one of my favorite characters from the series, Midna.
Aug 8, 2012
For me it was the first time i completed OOT because i was the only one in my grade school that beat it at that time so i was so popular. I guess Zelda is wearing on us all lol cuz i have been thinking of putting it up for a little while now that we have the whole story with Hyrule Historia it feels complete to me.... but i know when that new one comes out i will still have a drive to play it lol

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