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Favorite equipment in the game


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Dec 26, 2017
If you played this game long enough than you must have at least a few weapons that you always pick up no matter what, if not for utility then for design. What are those weapons for you?

Here is my top 3: (for the sake of variety I won't be putting in the Hylian shield and master sword, as both are also among my favorites)

1. Flame blade. I love the design a lot and Fire is my favorite element. It helps that they are pretty durable. Sadly its very rare to find a good bonus on them sadly.
2: Royal Boardsword. Also an amazing design, and it helps that they are very strong. There are so many you trip over them in the end game so thats also nice.
3. Gaurdian Sword ++: I love the gaurdian weapons a lot, a recurring theme in the list for sure. I blame Star wars for this.

1: Golden bow: Not only a good and simple design, its also one of two bows that gave link a first person view that isn't ugly as hell. I always have one with me in the case I want that
2: Royal Bow: Same as the Royal sword, great design, good power and you trip over them in the end game. Maybe a little but too much though, 90% of my bows are this one at the moment.
3: Ancient bow: Arrows flying in a straight like is super handy. Looks cool too but I wish it had more Light elements like other ancient/gaurdian weapons.

1: call me crazy but the Rusty Shield is my nr.1 The most important factor in shield for me is the form, and I'm a big fan of the smaller shields that aren't so long, but I also don't like them round. The Hylian shield is also like this, I wish more were in this game.
2: Gaurdian Shield ++: I love that you just have a simple round small thing on your back and then bam, techno shield.
3: a very hard one for me. I was thinking the Knight shield or the royal shield, but while I like the design they are just a bit too long for me. I'm going with the Radiant shield here just because its the best one for shield surfing. If only the TWW mirror shield was in this game...
-Spears. I love twirling them while on horseback and i love their rapid hits and reach.
As an aside i really like the designs of the Zora weapons.

-Anything with a durability buff.

-Anything with a durability buff.
I like having the Hylian Shield for old times sake but i dont wanna break it so I never use it. The Royal Guard shield looks nice though.

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Jan 17, 2011
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I hoard the royal set of weapons and shields. Royal broadsword, bow, and shield make up 90% of my gear screens, the rest being the hylian shield, a savage lynel bow, a flame blade, and a few great swords and spears, which are also royal. So, yeah, I really love their aesthetic.


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Jan 19, 2018
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I'm a big fan of savage lynel bow! It can shoot three times with high damage which equals super high massive damage at close distance!

Another fond friend of mine is the "forked lizal spear" because i am a big fan of the spear attack patterns and because this spear in particular packs a reasonable punch and drops often enough that you can keep a couple in stock!
1 Handed Weapons
Savage Lynel Sword

2 Handed Weapons
Ancient Battle Axe++
Giant Boomerang
Great Flameblade
Royal Claymore
Stone Smasher

Savage Lynel Spear
Royal Halberd

Savage Lynel Bow (Quick Shot)
Soldier's Bow
Steel Lizal Bow (Quick Shot)

Shoutout to the Wooden Mop for existing.


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Apr 10, 2017
I don't care much for Aesthetics.

Anything with good power and durability that is preferably 1 handed

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Feb 4, 2016
When it comes to swords, I like the master sword, and the royal claymore the most.
The traveler's bow is my favorite of the bows because it looks like any classic Zelda bow.
The Hylian shield and the Knight's shield are also pretty cool. The Knight's shield is kind of this game's version of the Hylian shield.
My favorite set of gear is the Twilight set, since it comes from my second favorite games.

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Dec 2, 2012
I gotta give a mention to the Spring-Loaded Hammer. It is by no means a practical weapon to use against any enemy, but I love using it to make enemies fly!

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