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Favorite Dungeon Vs. Best Dungeon


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
Favorite and Best are two different things, even when it comes to Zelda. And this thread will be discussing favorite and best dungeons.
Favorite describes the dungeon you had the funnest playing.
Best describes the dungeon you feel all that a Zelda dungeon (no pun intended) should have.

So I'll start with my two.

My favorite dungeon is the City in the Sky from Twilight Princess. It was a lengthy dungeon, and had some clever ideas to it, like how part of the dungeon was inside and part of it was outside (yes, it had happened before, but this was my favorite instance of it yet). And the dungeon item was really fun to use, which added to the dungeon's excitement.

The dungeon that I think is the best is Ganon's Tower from A Link to the Past. This is how a final dungeon should be done. It makes use of many items acquired throughout the game, and even brings back the three bosses from the Light World with little twists to make them harder. This dungeon is a huge place with several hard enemies, which gives the feeling of testing your skills, which is what I feel a final dungeon should do.

So what are your favorite and best dungeons of the series?
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Jan 10, 2011
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My favorite dungeon is by far the Stone Tower Temple, followed closely by they Goron Mines. The best dungeon, though, is definitely the Forest Temple (OoT). No dungeon in Zelda has as much diversity and unique atmosphere as the Forest Temple (imo).


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Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
My favorite dungeon in the Zelda series is the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time because the way it is designed is very creative, for example the twisting hallway was a great idea because it changed the way you thought about how to solve the puzzles. Also it had some creative puzzles like the falling ceiling and shooting the arrow through the fire to melt the frozen switch. Also the boss battle with Phantom Ganon was one of the best battles in the Zelda series in my opinion. As for the best dungeon I would have to agree with Ganon's Tower from A Link to the Past it was the perfect dungeon for testing all the skills you gained through the game. Also it was very difficult the first time I played through it. This dungeon in particular used all the items that you gained during your long quest. Ganon's Tower was the best final dungeon and the best dungeon in general.
Feb 23, 2011
Forest Temple is my favorite for the exact reasons Tony Fischer and JJ stated. In my opinion, I think the best, with several factors considered, is definitely Ganon's Tower/Castle-in all its iterations thus far-for the same reasons the OP stated for his being GT/C of ALttP. :yes:


Mar 28, 2010
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Great Bay Temple is my favorite dungeon. Mainly cause it utilizes the Zora's Mask so much and it has my favorite boss, Gyorg. The best dungeon would have to be hands down Stone Tower Temple. No other dungeon has matched it's complexity and uniqueness since.

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Sep 28, 2010
My Favorite dungeon would be Stone Tower Temple in MM because of the slight difficulty in finding all the stray fairies and I just love the it's BGM.

The best would be City in Sky it's just awesome and the boss is really fun and get annoying at times.

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