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Favorite Color?


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Feb 8, 2011
Believe it or not, purple has been a favorite of mine as far back as I can remember. I've favored it years before coming on ZD and taking part in the community, even. There's nothing significant or personal about to me, really...it's simply my preferred hue. I'll take it in any form of object I can: Be it markers, toothbrushes, paint, etc. I can't stand wearing it at all, strangely enough, because it's like a manly...er pink. :mellow:

Close leanings are shades of navy blue and indigo.


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Aug 29, 2011
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My favorite color is grey (I know, I'm boring, but it's such a pretty color!). Not silver, and not like any-shade-of-car-paint-grey, a very specific shade of grey that is soft but dark, not cold but not any yellowish spoiled-looking color either . . . if that makes any sense. As a matter of fact, it's really more a range of greys that all fit this description, that when complied together just look beautiful.
Anyway, my LEAST favorite color is green, just because it's a boring color. I mean, look at a rainbow, and then look at a rainbow on the left then the one on the right.
I for one think the rainbow on the left looks MUCH cooler.
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Jan 13, 2012
My favorite color depends on the item... it's kind of hard to describe....

Like- For cars, I like White. (Sports cars in particular)

For video game systems(and controllers), I LOVE silver.
I also like White or Black too.
Though, it really all depends on whats more common, when dealing with weather I like White or Black better.
(like- a normal Wii is white, so I like Black better than white, but there are no PS3's that are White, so I love the white controller)
I ALSO love my Ice White JP 3DS, because there is no such color here in America.

I seem to be attracted to the "oddities" and the "less-popular" things... (in ALL aspects of life)
I guess it's because I like being different xD
I know I hate to be the same as everybody else.

For things relating to Zelda, I think of Green, and Gold/yellow.
(but if it's gold, it has to be a nice shade of gold- I really dislike a lot of shades of gold)

For clothing, I like Black or White the most. I REALLY like the combo of Black and White.

For Animals, I like White wolves the best, and I like White and Black Cats the most. I love solid white and solid black cats.
I REALLY like White cats with bright green eyes. My "dream cat" if you will, would be a white Scottish Fold with bright green eyes.
I also like Polar Bears better than normal "black" or "grizzly" bears. (or Pandas for that matter. I like them too, but not as much as Polar Bears)

But yeah, I don't really have a set "favorite color" but, if I had to think about one color I seem to like things in the most, I think that would be White.
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Nov 24, 2012
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In order from my best to greatest(major shades on scale only):

I love the combo of teal and purple--it's on my shoes. But it has to be a muted purple, not those crazy vivid things. Also, the teal has to be more deep blue than sea green.

I like neutrals, mainly black and white, in simple patterns or designs. They look even better with brighter colors. Stripes and checkered patterns in such tones give me a headache.

Natural green tones are beautiful, but not wearing them. Only in the wilderness.

Silver is beautiful if it's used as a basic solid, and is shiny. I also like gold, but only specific tones used as an accent.

I dislike red and orange, but mango and mahogany are nice if well applied, and I love sunset.

I don't like brown that much, but I see the beauty in it.

I hate bright aqua alone. I mean, ugh. It's so unrealistic.


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Jun 15, 2010
I'm very fond of dark colours, so blacks, purples and blues are things I've always liked. Green and yellow are certainly favourites, but tend to often be too bright. :/

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