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Spoiler Favorite Chapter in Kid Icarus:uprising


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Oct 1, 2012
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as the name implies, what is your favorite chapter? I am torn between ch.21: the chaos vortex and ch.25: the three trials, because I think the chaos kin is awesome (just look at my avatar) and I am very interested in what happened to gaol. she still has her cursed armor, but she also has her normal voice back and tells you that she and magnus are just testing you because dyntos told them to. I also really like the aurum brain chapter. I think pyrrhon is hilarious and you get a lot of good dialogue out of him. what are your favorite chapters and why?
My favorite chapter is the last one, Chapter 25: The War's End. Hades is hands down the best boss battle in any rail shooter. I enjoyed fighting him head to head, running from him, the quick time event, seeing Medusa intervene.

Second place goes to Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos. Seeing Pit wake up not in his body but as a ring caught me by surprise. Palutena's only great army became the aggressors and my desire to play as Magnus was realized.

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