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Favorite Call of Duty Game

What is your favorite Call of Duty game

  • Cod

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  • Cod2

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  • Cod3

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  • Cod4: Modern Warefare

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  • Cod5: World at War

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  • Other

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Oct 28, 2008
Call of Duty is the popular WWII/Modern combat game series (as if you didn't know already lol). Personally I love it, mostly because of the game that got me hooked, Call of Duty 2. I was wondering what Cod games are your favorites. :)


The Chosen One
Apr 5, 2009
Call of Duty 4 hands down. Iv'e seriously been playing it online since last summer for the Ps3. It is a very fun experience online and very addicting after you get into the online experience. In my opinion it's the best Call of duty out now.

We will see until Modern Warefare 2 comes out in Novemeber. If anyone wants to add me for the Ps3 just give me a pm and we'll talk about it.


Hero of Internet
Mar 26, 2009
I have great memories of playing through Big Red One and Call of Duty 3, so it would have to be one of them. World at War was good from what I played of it.


True and Noble
Oct 17, 2007
United States of America
Oh, that's a difficult one. I had a lot of fun playing COD 1 & 2. I even played them online on the PC and it was loads of fun. I never played COD 3, and COD 4 wasn't quite my thing. COD WaW is one I've played recently and it's pretty fun, though the missions were kind of short. So I'd have to say either 1,2,or WaW.

Mike Pothier

Lord Shaper
Apr 5, 2008
Southern California
Definitely CoD4. The only problem I found was the single-player game was way too short. I'm not much of a multi-player guy, so I depend on that aspect. Aside from the length, it was very well done.


I like COD5 World at war I don't know maybe because it's the only COD game that I've ever played XD


Call of Duty is one hell of a game...You will get addicted to it if you keep playing...


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world
i liked COD 2 big red one, that game pulled me into the series, i really did enjoy just as the same with COD3 for wii (i love the new control mode for this game, i have enjoyed it much as same with COD2)
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Feb 27, 2009
Call of Duty for... After playing that game, I never touched the others CoDs again. I like how they made it modern weapons and such. It got so boring using those old guns that sucked. CoD4 made me play the series again, if they had not made 4 I would not have ever played another game of CoD!

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