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Favorite Boss from Ocarina of Time

Funnest Boss to Fight?

  • Paracitic Armored Arachnid: Queen Gohma

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  • Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo

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  • Bio-Electric Anemone: Barinade

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  • Evil Spirit from Beyond: Phantom Ganon

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  • Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia

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  • Giand Aquatic Ameoba: Morpha

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  • Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo

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  • Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova

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  • Great King of Evil: Ganondorf

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  • Ganon

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I'd have to say Ganon, I just love the final battle so much!
Dec 5, 2009
I actually loved the last fight Ganon. He was pretty hard and love the cutscenes where you stab him. But 2nd place would be... Bongo Bongo. Twin Rova was fun, because of the cutscene but it wasn't challenging enough in my opinion. Far to easy!


Feb 6, 2010
Bournemouth, UK
Bongo Bongo.
- He was fun to fight.
- He looked awesome.
- Probably the hardest boss in the game.
- So satisfying when you do beat him!


Dec 13, 2009
São Paulo
Volvagia. Cool, challenging, 'cute'.
As to the others, most were ********, like Queen Gohma, killed in less than 2 minutes and a half.

Barinade was hard, complicated, and so was Morpha. Bongo-Bongo was somewhat 'hard'.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010
Phantom Ganon was EPIC. A great ending to an amazing temple. ;D
Too bad I've never gotten past the Fire Temple in OoT... Twinrova sounds like awesome.
Mar 14, 2010

In this fight, you couldn't stand around for more than a second without getting zapped. Seriosuly, what an active battle. You had to be running around the whole time. Those lightning beams were awesome shooting all over the place.


The Mask Salesman
Apr 18, 2010
Happy Mask Shop
I love the Shadow Temple, and I love Bongo Bongo, he's almost kind of a freaky/scary/goofy boss. The first time I fought him I didn't know to use the lens of truth and i was so confused lol.

1. Bongo Bongo
2. Phantom Ganon
3. Morpha
4. Barinade
5. Volvagia


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
My favorite was Volvagia. Mostly because of the music. I can beat him taking only one hit! I know that King Dodongo makes the same music, but Volvagia is more fun.
Dec 11, 2009
Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo.
I love that name XD
He was my favorite boss throughout the game, probably one of the most difficult bosses in that game aside from Ganondorf. I loved the battle. The battlefield being a drum is what made it unique. He was the only boss to almost make me use a fairy because he knocked me off the drum.


May 24, 2009
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
My favorite Boss in OoT depends on my mood.

If I'm happy my favorite boss is Twinrova. Those two hags were evil and had the look of the classic witch look, but they have that look to show off their mighty magic of Ice and Fire. And when those two combined, that's where the fun begins, reflecting their own powers makes me happy to beat them! And I got to see a funny scene at the end of their fight.

If I'm mad, Ganon is my favorite. I vent my anger on that beast form of his, to end his reign and to beat the crud out of him. He's evil. That's ALL the reason I need to beat him and vent my anger upon.

If I'm playful, cheery, careful and sarcastic, then Morpha appears. I like to play with that gelatinous beast. It's fun to lure it into a corner and slash like a madman. It makes the boss battle end quickly and more rewarding. Though I get carried away and let my guard down, this is also where I got a few "game overs" in OoT.

If I'm scared, Bongo Bongo. That boss creeped the **** right out of me. He's big, has disembodied hands, can make an ominous beat while beat you while he is invisible. Though beating him without using the Lens of Truth is more challenging, and terrifying, I prefer to do it. I never know what will happen, nor will I know when he will strike me.


Ordon Village
May 27, 2010
Ordon Village
Definitely Twinrova, because they spoke, to each other and to Link, and they were funny. They had an actual personality, unlike most of the other bosses who were just big monsters.

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