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Favorite Books


Poe Catcher
Aug 25, 2008
Georgia, USA
I am right now loving Jules Verne novels. You know, like:
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Around the World in 80 Days
20,000 Leauges Under the Sea
I've read those three, I need to read the other sci-fi books (not the massive 6,000 stories).


Die Hard Zelda Fan
Oct 18, 2007
In your freakin' mind
I liked the book "Fahrenheit 451", by Ray Bradbury, and I don't have anything against Twilight, but the girls a my school will not shutup about it, and I am sick of it. Sorry.


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
I liked the book "Fahrenheit 451", by Ray Bradbury, and I don't have anything against Twilight, but the girls a my school will not shutup about it, and I am sick of it. Sorry.

Fahrenheit is amazing! I haven't read Twilight yet and plan to. But I totally hear you on the fangirl thing!

El Bagu

Wannabe Mr. 1-8-1
Jul 5, 2008
In Woods. N of River!
The Dark Tower series by Stepen King I like a lot!

Today I will start reading the last book, been looking forward to that :)

But I will feel sad when I´ve read the last page of it.

It always feel like that for me when I´ve finished something, sadness, I start to miss it, feel sentimental.

Hylian Hobbit

Delightfully Delicious ;P
Aug 20, 2008
I just finished reading The Bronze Bow again, and I guess I had forgotten how much I liked it. I could probably start reading it again and still enjoy it.:P So I now add it to my list of awesome books.
Jan 6, 2009
In your face
Some of the books I have enjoyed:

The first three Harry Potter books ~ The ones after that were very depressing, but still decent, so I could finish the series.

The Declaration/The Resistance ~ I am reading the second book at the moment and they have been absolutely brilliant. It is engrossing, suspenseful and, at times, horrifying.

Dear Dumb Diary ~ It's a children's series, yes, but it's hilarious IMO.


The Lord of the Rings
The Hobbit
Catcher in the Rye
Fight Club
To Kill A Mockingbird
Most Dangerous Game
a couple others idk
Nov 26, 2008
Strangely enough, I hardly ever read (although I have been reading more recently.)

My favorite book series (keep in mind I have yet to read series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, etc.) is the Underland Chronicles, by Suzanne Collins.

You've probably never read them. No one I know has. Basically a kid falls into an underground world with giant, sentient creatures, like rats, bats, roaches and whatnot. It's pretty dark, but the story's very enjoyable for me. I have yet to read the last two books though (The Marks of Secret, and The Code of Claw.)
Oct 20, 2008
Ironic as it is--considering how much I love to read--I haven't read or finished any major series.
But anyways,

I enjoyed The Hobbit, as well as The Mist. I'm currently reading a rather interesting book on ancient history and the like called Uriel's Machine. Another book that I'm reading that I find quite interesting is Physics of The Impossible.
I like mostly non-fiction to do with the paranormal or philosophy, or Steven King.


Animal Farm
Ender's Game
Ender's Shadow
The Hobbit
V for Vendetta
Fahrenheit 451
Of Mice and Men
To Kill a Mockingbird
Lord of the Flies

I could write an essay on everyone, but they all have great stories, characters and (in some) messages.

Wanting to Read:
Atlas Shrugged
A Catcher in the Rye
The Grapes of Wrath
A Clockwork Orange
Brave New World
Watership Down
Fight Club



つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Nov 12, 2007
In bed
Hmm.... I have a lot of books but of course I have a few favorites of mine.

Eragon -and all the other ones-
Bartimaeus Trilogy
Artemis Fowl
The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar

That last one is still awesome even today.... :P
Jun 16, 2008
New York, US
Oh, I forgot Bartimaeus now. Well, those books are definitely awesome. It's a shame the series is over. They list pretty high on my favorites, and I'd really recommend them to any fiction reader.

Also, not too long ago I finally got around to reading To Kill a Mocking Bird and i really liked it. A great book.

General Lee

Classic Gamer
Nov 16, 2008
Holes: This is actually the first book I read and actually enjoied reading. I actually prefer the book over the movie also.

Small Steps: A follow-up of Holes with one of the boys from camp "Armpit". I beleive this book was released with 2 copies, and I own the 1st run of it and I think its different from taking a glance at it in the book stores.

Cowboys Don't Cry: Not many people Im sure have heard of this book but its a good book for a cowboy book. I really enjoied it since the setting was in my province :)

The Outsiders: This book is probably my favorite book of all time. And to think S.E. Hinton was only 16 when she wrote this o_O. Also preferd the book over the movie.
Nov 20, 2008
I recently picked up a new book by one of my favorite authors, Margret Peerson Haddix. The book was called "Found" and it is the first books the the new "Missing" series. I couldn't put it down (like her other books) and I finished it in a matter of 4 hours. I was very surprised by how quickly I could finish this 3-- page book. This book definately goes on my favorotite books list, and Haddix is truly a master of page-turning suspense. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

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