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Favorite Band?


shoegaze girl
Feb 22, 2010
New Albany, Indiana
I'm pretty sure I probably said Breaking Benjamin or something like that the last time I was on here, so I'll refresh.

My favorite band is Chevelle. They are not to be confused with The Chevelles, who are a completely different band. Anyways, Chevelle's new CD just came out last week, and it's freaking awesome! I've listened to it, how many... 5, 6 times now? My favorite song by them would either have to be Face To The Floor, or Straight Jacket Fashion.

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
I listen to so many bands it's hard to pick just a few, but I definitely know my top favorite band and that is Down with Webster. I just love everything about them! Their music, while pretty new, is amazing, especially one song that actually makes me cry (how embarrassing -.-) and literally saved my life. They put on crazy live shows and they guys are all so down to earth it's unreal :) I could rant forever about them but I don't want to bore you all so...moving on.

I like a combo of new bands and old bands. I grew up listening to rock and roll, so it's really become a part of me. Most of the things girls my age would like are things I absolutely loathe .(AHEM Justin Bieber.) The Beatles, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Queen, the Rolling Stone- I love all of that. I'm really more of a rock-type person and I love Rise Against, Evanescense, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park (AMAZING.) Nickelback (I don't care if people say they suck.), Panic! at the disco, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Foster the People, Metallica, Death Cab for Cuite, Green Day, Bowling for Soup, State of Shock, and the Black Keys (who my mom is going to see in March and I am SO JEALOUS.)

There are some more rock-pop bands that make my list- Marianas Trench and Hedley. Both great Canadian bands that make me very proud of Canadian music :) Classified and Asher Roth are my top rappers.

And um...their style isn't really the kind of music I listen to..a little too poppy...but I LOVE Hot Chelle Rae. They're like my guilty pleasure. Their songs are so upbeat it's hard not to smile when you listen to it. I can't help it :S

Oh yeah...I also like Storm the Weather, but only because it's my dad's band :P
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Jul 22, 2011
For anyone that's into metal and doesn't have a problem with harsh vocals, Kalmah is highly recommended. Their lead guitarist is my absolute favorite, and creates masterpiece melodies and solos. I particularly suggest the album "12 Gauge", as it's the heaviest, thrashiest album of theirs, while still being melodic.

And of course, one cannot go wrong with the likes of Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Behemoth, Bloodbath, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, Dark Tranquillity, Decapitated, Dimmu Borgir, Dissection, Eluveitie, Ensiferum, In Flames, etc. Those are my absolute favorites, but I listen to a few others, as well.


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Dec 16, 2011
Bright Eyes are my favourite band, very nostalgic and their lead singer (conor oberst) is a lyrical/musical genius.


Stardust Crusaders
Feb 15, 2010
Seasons in the Abyss [Minnesota]
My two favorite bands of all time are Iron Maiden and Megadeth. For anyone that has ever gotten a chance to talk to me, they know I am a huge fan boy of Iron Maiden. Hell, look at my signature. Before I listened to Iron Maiden, all I was listening to was orchestrated video game soundtracks. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with orchestrated soundtracks, but when I listened to Iron Maiden for the first time... It felt like I listened to music for the first time in my life and explode. It was just amazing. They aren't your average, stereotypical metal band. They provide longer but fluent songs about things that no one else would sing about like Greek Mythology, novels like Brave New World or Dune, and war in a dreadng sense. They have 15 albums, more if you count live albums, so they have a ton of content under their wing. Another thing I like about them is that they constantly change their style with different guitar sounds and other additions, but they stray from their true sound. My favorite tracks are: Hallowed be thy Name, Face in the Sand, the Clansman, Brave New World, and Moonchild.

Now on to Megadeth. I'm going to say this right now, I highly prefer Megadeth over Metallica. Megadeth stayed consistant with their music unlike Metallica. Megadeth was created by Dave Mustaine who was a big drug addict and has been to rehab 15 times. The band is pure thrash metal with hard-hitting riffs, crushing vocals, and freaking amazing guitar solo's. Their albums have influenced many bands today and they keep making amazing albums, like the recent Th1rt3en. Rust in Peace and Peace Sells... But Who's Buying are my favorite albums. Peace Sells offered a jazzy metal album because Gar Samualson and Chris Poland being former jazz players. Rust in Peace is probably my favorite thrash metal album of all time every song [with the exception of Dawn Patrol] being amazing and getting a 10/10 from me. My favorite songs are: Tornado of Souls, Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, High Speed Dirt, Captive Honour, Ashes In Your Mouth, and A Tout Le Monde.
Sep 1, 2010
Ben Folds Five
Fleet Foxes
Mates of State
Maroon 5
Casting Crowns
Two Door Cinema Club
Mumford & Sons
Owl City
Dave Matthews Band
Florence + the Machine
La Roux
Panic! at the Disco
Scissor Sisters
The Shins
Rogue Wave


my favs are:

1. F.R. (german rap)
2. Culcha Candela (famous in US? ... they come from berlin, germany)
3. methodman & redman

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