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General Zelda Favorite and Least Favorite Zelda Soundtrack.

Sep 8, 2013
I dont know if there is already a thread like this, so just tell me if it is, and I will delete this one.

Zelda got a lot of beatiful and epic soundtrack. But what is your favorite song in the games. My favorites are Hyrule Field TP, Spirit tracks overworld, lost Woods and ballad of the goddess. There are more soundtracks from Zelda I like, but these are my favorites. My least favorites are Wind waker Hyrule Field ( the song that plays when you goes from hyrule castle to Ganons Tower) and City in the sky from TP. What about you?

Sorry for bad English.
Jul 22, 2011
The majority of the credits themes (WW, TP, SS specifically) and the main themes (WW, TP, SS again) rank near the top of my Zelda playlist.

As for the bottom? I'm not sure, there's never really been a track I've found egregiously bad. I mean there are some that are unmemorable, but that's about the lowest it falls.


Sep 21, 2013
The Expansion
My favorite would probably be the Sand Sea from Skyward Sword. Very relaxing and atmospheric.

My least favorite... that would be Jabu Jabu's Belly from Oracle of Ages. Maybe it's just because that dungeon is a ***** to navigate, but the music is also there to make sure that the experience is even more mindnumbing. At least OoT's Water Temple had some nice music...
Sep 23, 2013
United States
My favorite tracks would have to be Hyrule Castle & the Light World Dungeon from ALTTP. As for my least favorite, it'll be that awful cave music from Phantom Hourglass (the one that repeats constantly and is also in Spirit Tracks).
Oct 3, 2012
Barnegat, NJ
Gerudo Valley, Midna's Desperate Hour, Ice Cavern, OoT Theme, and Hilda's Theme I think would make up my top 5.

As surferguy said, I don't really think anything is bad, just not memorable at least.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
My favorite songs are all variations of the Fairy Fountain Theme, WW main theme/credits, Lost Woods theme/sacred grove, TP intro/trailer theme, Dark World/ Lorule field themes, Lorule Castle, etc.

My least favorites I'm not sure because if I don't like it i usually try to keep it out of mind haha. To be honest I disliked quite a few songs from Majora's Mask just because they were so weird and eery and scared the **** out of me. Some of these include Majora's theme, Rosa sisters, and the area themes (Soutern Swamp, Snow Mountain, Great Bay, Ikana Canyon). Also, I dislike the music for City in the Sky in TP


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Dec 17, 2012
Favorites in no particular order... I'd have to go back and specifically seek out tracks I didn't like
Gerudo Valley, Song of Storms (OoT)
Great Palace (AoL)
Dragon Roost Island (TWW)
Tal Tal Heights (LA)
Hyrule Palace Theme (LttP)

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