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Hyrule Warriors Fav Champion to play?

Sep 5, 2020
Urbosa is really the coolest to me out of the Champions what with all the lightning and sword strikes.
She's vicious, though. Stabbing Hinoxs' in the eye and electrocuting them from the inside. o_O Endless lightning strikes? Like Daruk said, her blade is keen but her skills are mean.
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Her English VA is one of the best.
Mipha is the one I'm surprised at. She's quite strong and very fun to play as.
Zelda's still my fave, both Sheikah Slate and Power Awakened. :D


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Mipha is probably my favorite to play as. She isn't as powerful, but she's very fast. That's a problem Daruk has, is he's too slow to use efficiently. And Revali is too fast- his attacks are awkward and he's nearly impossible to control. Mipha is kind of a perfect middle ground.


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Oct 7, 2020
Hard to choose between the Champions, Mipha and Revali are both part of my mains (my mains being One handed Link, Mipha, Revali,
King Rhoam, and Terrako
I think Mipha might win out due to her abilities in healing without apples, really helped me in a couple situations. Though Urbosa is really cool and fun as well, and Daruk is pretty okay, but definitely the weakest out of the Champions IMO.
Sep 5, 2020
I like Daruk, but yes, such a shame that's he's kind of the weakest of the Champions. I remember I kept throwing bombs at Astor with Daruk and he kept throwing them over Astor's head in that tiny castle gatehouse. xD His strength is his downfall; he's too big and clunky. Still love him though!
Controlling Revali is awkward but fun once you get used to. He's the only one who can fly, controlling him like Peter Pan soaring through the air is pretty fun. XD

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