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Game Thread Far Far Away Mafia

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Welcome, to Far Far Away Mafia. Many interested suitors have gathered from far far away to vie for the lovely Princess Boks hand in marriage.

  • This is my swamp
  • Basic Mafia Rules Apply
  • Days are 72 Hours, Nights 24
  • No out of thread discussion
  • No night discussion
  • You may post Shrek Memes at night as long as it doesn't get carried away.
  • Don't be an ass (unless you're an Ass like donkey, then that's fine)
  • Extensions will not be granted
  • The day will end immediately when majority is reached
  • No limit to role claiming
  • No name claiming
  • While not a rule, if anyone posts a gif from the Ace Attorney series I will personally give them the chair.
  • A tie will result in a random lynch between tied participants
  • Town wins when all remaining factions are eliminated
  • Either scum faction wins when parity is reached with all other players. Parity with the other scum faction when no other players are alive will result in a tie between scum factions.
Rules highlighted in this colour that are broken will result in an instant modkill with no further warning.



2 Maifa Goons
2 Werewolf Goons
5 Vanilla Townies
1 Cop
1 Seer (Werewolf cop)
1 Doctor

For people who are unaware, werewolves are a separate scum faction that function the same as mafia does. In other words, there are two separate scum factions in this game.

Any questions about the rules or setup can be pm'ed to me to asked about in the game thread (please @ me).


1. @funnier6
2. @Storm
3. @DekuNut
4. @Ayano Keiko
5. @Stormageden747
6. @YIGAhim
7. @karu
8. @Ryuken
9. @Minish_Link
10. @Jamie
11. @Rubik
12. @Doc

With 12 alive it takes 7 to reach majority. Day one ends Thursday April 5th at 11pm EST
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Nov 30, 2017


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Sep 10, 2011
So... Am i in trouble because of my signature? So what chair are you giving me? This one?


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Nov 30, 2017
Vote Ryuken

It's best to put him out of his misery now, instead of forcing him to suffer without Ace Attorney gifs.
No... I can endure through this... I just have to resist the urge to... To...

Ace Attorney sprites... are like coffee. The withdrawals will kill you faster than the coffee does.

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