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Fan games that are better than official games.


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Sometimes fans happen to know their favorite series better than the owners of said series, whether that be because of a lack of talent on the developers side or because of a tight grip on them from their corporate overlords. What are some examples of games and projects that you’d rather play than the real thing?

I thought of this thread after playing AM2R, which is easily the best version of Metroid 2 despite being a fan made remake. Instead of trying to cram a ton of experimental mechanics on an already fundamentally flawed game like the official remake, it focuses far more on streamlining the gameplay experience and addressing the flaws of the original.

This isn’t just limited to original fan games either, but also ROM hacks too. I personally have had more fun with each of the Zelda randomizers I’ve played than I have with every single official Zelda since the DS.
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Jun 22, 2011
I was actually just thinking about a similar question for Ocarina of Time because I've watched several playthroughs of rom hacks. I don't think any of them have surpassed the original, but I do think they are better than Master Quest which is an official Nintendo release.

For example if I were ranking the best games derived from Ocarina of Time's assets, I would say 1. Majora's Mask 2. Master of Time (rom hack) 3. Sealed Palace (rom hack) 4. Nimpize Adventure (rom hack) 5. Master Quest. Master Quest is worth playing, but it's just so similar to regular Ocarina of Time whereas a lot of rom hacks had more effort and thought put into them.

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