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Extra Costumes and Outfits

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Do you think we'll be seeing some of those in AoC? I think costumes are obvious to be a thing because Link appears in gameplay in both his soldier getup and his Champion tunic. We'll probably be able to swap between them in free mode and stuff.

I said in another thread that I don't want to see characters from other games popping up in AoC, but I definitely think legacy costumes would be fair game. Green tunics for Link are a no-brainer, but also other iterations of Zelda, maybe costumes of the second gen champions to skin on the playable champions, and so on. Daruk could get a Darunia skin too, for example. I wouldn't mind them doing legacy stuff that way instead of extra characters. I also really want to see alt color schemes. I love me some alt color schemes. I want those more than I want legacy costumes.

What about you guys? What kinds of costumes would you like to see?
Link's legacy tunics were in BotW, so I see no reason for AoC not to drop in some fanservice with legacy costumes for other characters like Zelda and Impa. They'd be quite nice to see in BotW's style, so I'm for it.

I'd quote like to see TP Zelda's costume and maybe for the original HW costumes to come back too.


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Every game should have extra costumes. They're not difficult things to include and they can add a lot of fun and whimsy to any game. The more the better. They'll also provide plenty to work towards unlocking, which would be nice.

As a fan of Resident Evil, a series that loves alternative costumes as rewards, I would not only hope but expect AoC to have plenty of extras.

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