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Ever Seen a Ghost?


Jul 1, 2012
No :(

However I would love to one day see one! Sure the idea of Ghosts are creepy but tbh I would just like to see what Ghosts look like, if they do exist and how they act, if they can communicate Ect. However I think its unlikely I'll ever see one but there's always haunted places to go and explore right!


The Diplomatic Dinosaur
Jul 1, 2012
Early Cretaceous North America
I don't believe in ghosts and have never seen any thing that could be called a ghost, there is some evidence for ghosts but nun of it is hard evidence just eye witness testimony for the most part (and some of the things on that Ghost Adventures show seem convincing). The very nature of ghosts is very allusive and trying to get evidence of them is like trying to catch smock with your bare hands (this is assuming that they exist). If they do exist we may never be able to prove there existence. I do like the idea of ghosts and if I experienced something that I could only explain by as a ghost then I would probably believe they exist.

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Does Herobrine from Minecraft count?If so then yes I have.One day I was playing a multiplayer server(the Creeper Cartel) on Minecraft and I was playing the hunger games(which is where up to 24 players fight to survive by getting food,armor and weapons from chests)and I saw a player with a Herobrine skin and he didn't have a name over his head and he was holding a diamond sword(which isn't possible to get in survival games as far as I know)I hit him 3 times and he dissapeared he didn't drop his items and it didn't say I killed him,later I found a chest in a hole but there was no way out of the hole.That's the only time I saw Herobrine.It's been a while since I saw him.

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