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Epic Ghirahim Stuff

So, on my YouTube channel, Hydreigon99, me and my brother have been making what we dub "Link Vs. Ghirahim Fails". There are currently three videos, but they are really funny. Likesies (Like-see-s) and Subscribeses (Subscribe-ses) are very much appreciated. Yes, that is a high-quality, hand-made wooden replica of the Hylian shield, owned by me personally. I also have up just about every single boss fight on Skyward Sword up there, with more Zelda games boss fights to come. If you have a specific Zelda boss that you want a video for, either because you are having trouble with it, or because you want to see me doing the fight, I will oblige ASAP. Back to L vs. G Failures, though, the swords are Nerf and owned by me and my brother. We can't use them very well anymore due to lack of length, but anyone that doubts us, we can film a video of us fighting and post it.
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Apr 5, 2012
although the quality wasnt so great, I actally laughed when you guys were like "um.. the walkthrough said your sword was supposed break..so, yeah" :p


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...I'm tempted to record me and my brother with our duct tape/pvc pipe/funnoodle swords. But hes 8 and I'm 21...that would look weird.

Every boss fight? Does one of you wear a weird costume or something? Picture someone rolling down a hill in a scaldera suit lol.

Edit - Oh you meant GAMEPLAY boss fights, not reenactments. My bad xD


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
Okay I'm gonna have to second Jeen. Bad quality...and you guys need costumes so its easier to tell who's who. Also run around and fight a bit more...Ghirahim wouldnt just stand there and let Link pound on his sword for example. And: "you're not going to stand between me and the princess"? What princess? Zelda's not a princess in SS...

Sorry for all the critique if you don't like it. But...epic wooden shield! I want one.
Thanks for the wooden shield epicness comment. Yes, the quality is bad, we have a new, better camcorder. It would be really hard to get costumes. I'll get somebody to play a really annoying Tingle at some point. Yes, their gameplay boss fights, not reenactments. Yeah, the walkthrough and stuff was fun to mention. Also, it was really fun and funny recording the beginning of the second Ghirahim fight when he "strips"
Yeah, a bit of a problem, right? Thank you guys for all your views!! In less than a week I got almost 30 views, which is a record for the one or two months I've had my YouTube videos up.

Also, what do you guys think of me filming all parts of Ghirahim's speech, however small, and film it with my specialized voice for Ghirahim? It'll take a while as I'll have to reply the whole darn game, so you guys will have to wait a while.
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