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Enemies You Would Like to Have Seen in SS's Art Style


Sage of Tales
I agree that Wizrobes would have been cool to see in Skyward. I wonder if they'd resemble the ones in Wind Waker with the bird-faces. It would fit in with all the sky and bird themes...

The one enemy that I previously said I'd love to see in TP style is also one I'd like to see in Skyward style because they only exist in the 2D games and I long for... CRAVE... to see these guys given the 3D treatment: Lynels. Why has Nintendo given up on such intersting enemies? In the original game (my favorite incarnation of them), they are centuars with lions' heads and are sword and shield weilders. And axe-crazy. I've seen them in A Link to the Past and the Oracles games, in which they're centaur-like, but with lion or tiger bodies. I'd really love to see the tradtional horse-cenatur with lion-head type given a 3D treatment. For some reason, in TP-style, I imagine them as being thin and sleek, like Throughoubreds, while in Skyward-style, I think they might be chunckier, like Clydesdales or even an almost My Little Pony quality to them, fitting with Skyward's semi-cartoonish style.


The Sacred Wolf of Legend
Jul 27, 2011
the realm of the golden wolves
neither of my 2 favorite enemies appeared, ReDeads and poes. the reDeads would have been epic, the poes would have been interesting, would they have gone for the puny cowardly like poes from WW or the ghastly, creepy poes like TP, or a sorta mix between both


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I would have love to see a Lynel or even a Deku Scrub. Either one would be pretty cool to have seen in my opinion. Lynels need to reappear in the series again. It's been a good 26 years since the last time a person has seen one. :lol:


Demyx stole my cookies
Dec 19, 2011
Where my steps might take me
Iron Knuckles or Dark Nuts. I wonder how those big, clanky, metalplated, dark- looking knight- enemies would have been created with the cheerfull, and colourfull art style of SS.


I would LOVE to see the Darknuts from the Spirit Temple in this graphic style....I would love to see how dark and how sinister they appear in better graphics...

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