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Embarassing Gaming Habits



I'm part of those who swear when frightened/something doesn't go my way, but I don't do it a lot. Just spontaneously <__> I do talk to myself while I'm playing though, just speaking my thoughts out loud if I'm trying to solve a puzzle, or talking to the character I'm controlling XD Otherwise I'm usually a silent player.

And if I'm playing some sort of horror/shooter game, I will release a small scream if a zombie/enemy comes out of nowhere. The family in my household know to expect this XD

Though if I'm playing with my friends, I get really competitive. Me and my friends also trash talk each other without taking any comments seriously. You should see us playing Mario Kart.

It's reassuring to see some of these... 'different' habits people used to do when playing certain games XD Especially since, when I was little and playing Pokemon (and this happened for several years until I would say the first DS Pokemon games came out), whenever I would throw a Pokeball to a wild Pokemon, I would legit grit my teeth really hard in tension until either the Pokemon was caught or freed itself out. I'm really glad I don't have that habit anymore, or else my teeth eAe

A Link In Time

To Overcome Harder Challenges
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Im convinced the harder you push the button, the higher and farther mario will jump. Ive worn out a lot of buttons that way.

Sorry for the double post, but this was great. (You played DKCR too?) Also, this is a rough outline of the stages of grief, which i found entertaining. How long did it take you to make this post?

DKCR is one of the most frustrating games I've ever played. *Throws Wii Mote.*
Aug 2, 2010
(I know i already posted here before, but I just realized how many things I left out.)

-When making a perfect snipe in a FPS, I mutter "Boom. Headshot." Usually in an Australian accent.

-Swearing when dieing. Some times I string swears together to make a big swear shish-kabob.
"Aw son of a m*********ing a***ole"

-Swearing when winning.
"Yeah! Take that back up your a***ole you ugly son of a *****!"

-Swearing at people in the game.
"Yeah, shut the f**k up you annoying bas***d"

-When beating a game, saying "Well, that's that."

-Experiencing nausia when being stuck in a game. Usually in a Metroid. (Note: If I can play through a Metroid without a guide, It's much, much too easy. Other M, I'm looking at you.)

-Running through the house yelling "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-" when being killed once again on Call of Duty single player (veteran) due to bad game design. It's all for the trophies.

-Buying too many games which I never finish. When I do try and finish these, it usually takes me the whole summer.

Thats all that I can think of so far.
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Howling Wind

I call people noobs and insult them on a computer game even though they cannot hear me, I pretend they can. Mother always looks concerned. When I win on a console or computer game, I jump up and down and clap my hands and go all crazy about it. Because I am bad at games winning is just that great O.O


Oh no its back
Jul 25, 2011
My house
i have recently started talking to the TV more when im playing something. like i was playing sonic colors when i rented it and i kept telling tails to shut up, he's not smart, etc.
i've gotten back to the shadow temple in OoT and when i got attacked by a redead i started yelling "BAD TOUCH, BAD TOUCH" when ever it grabed me


Swearing, under my breath if my parents are in, out loud if I'm in the house myself. Even at 20 years of age, I'm too scared to swear around them.
Talk to myself, things like "And I'll just go over here and do this" "Hmm I wonder where I can find that."
Insult people on the game. Like "Shut up <female> you w***e." or "Shut up <male> you B******" Even if they're not annoying me, it just comes out.

Hyrulian Angel

Me and my gaming buddy scream a lot when monsters you don't see start attacking us/Link (or me since I'm the one playing the game usually) and then we start yelling and cursing the monster as we fight it! We also victory dance a whole lot, read off the character's dialogue in funny voices, and yell at each other when we don't do something right in the game. It drives my household nuts!!!!!!!! :)

This is mostly when we play Windwaker btw! Those chu's scare us to death when they fall from the ceiling. Personally, I think they're the scariest/hardest enemies in the game!


Randomus Pervertus
May 13, 2010
When roleplaying online, I often speak my character's lines out loud to make sure they sound "Right" before sending them. Usually earns me some odd looks, not sure why.

I mean, it's perfectly normal for a 14-year-old girl to be hunched over in her armchair, yelling battlecries in Thalassian into her monitor.. Right?


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
If I loose too many times I have been known to throw xbox controllers and get really angry. One xbox360 controller has been thrown out of a window after I stamped on it. The wii is much more relaxing and I dont mind loosing so much on games such as: super smash bro's or wii sports (Not that I do ever lose, because I'm amazing)


Princess of Hyrule
Sep 9, 2011
I am easily startled, and it shows when I'm playing a game. If something jumps out at a suspenseful moment, I jump, and start button mashing whilst shaking the remote (even if it isn't on the Wii). Fortunately, I recover pretty quickly. Surprisingly enough, this actually has proven to be something of a good strategy... o.o

Also, if I die to many times, I get annoyed, toss the remote aside, and save the game for later.

And I've been known to provide voices for characters. Usually when nobody's around (save for my best friend)...


I do that too! I like to do it before I touch on the controller and game etc.


Jan 24, 2011
probs russia
if theres a awesome VG theme playing. i tend to hum it. sometimes loudly(if no ones near me, or home at the moment).

and i also yell at the screen if my favorite character dies, or i die, or if theres a upsetting cutscene.

and if the games ending is sad, i cry...


Jun 29, 2010
1. Screaming OMG DON'T VIOLATE MEEEEE! when redeads/gibdos come in Zelda
2.Calling ganon's game over screen in AOL a "MIND-BURNING FREAK IMAGE!!!"
3.In Halo wars, I say things to my teammates while I type to them.
4.Calling N in black/white a racist

and that's it. my friends' mom gets really worried when they hear OMG DON'T VIOLATE MEEEE!!!!! or Racist! or MIND-BURNING FREAK IMAGE!! but I guess that's the fun in saying it.

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