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Embarassing Gaming Habits

Aug 22, 2011
United States
1. Gloating,
2. Cursing A LOT
3. Mocking characters in funny voices
4. yelling "STOP RAPING ME" when a ReDead or Gibdoe attacks
5. copying what LPers like Chuggaaconroy and NintendoCaprisun I have quite a few

Oh my god I do all of those things. Number 5 mainly when playing Pokemon, the rest mainly when playing Zelda..
Feb 23, 2011
Does anyone besides me ask why the universe hates you when you keep losing on video games? ... embarrassing. Also, I make loud, exaggerated "sports grunts" when I play video game tennis, especially on the Wii. AWHHHT!


Jun 14, 2010
Seattle, WA
I sing along and make lyrics for the background music often as well, but I wouldn't consider that embarrassing at all, I merely do it to entertain myself.

Actually, there really is nothing I would deem "embarrassing" that I, or most people do when playing video games. A strange habit of mine I had when I was younger though was saving multiple times in the same spot. I usually only did this in RPG games, but regardless, I did it every time. When I played games such as Paper Mario, I'd smash that S blocks and continually save for like 2 minutes. I guess maybe I thought the game wouldn't save for some reason.


[the.Jumping.Bean] ~
Dec 15, 2009
New Hamster!
I swear, I gloat, sing the background music, and literally think the characters in the game have feelings. Oh geez.


The game is on!
When I'm playing Mario Kart Wii and is leading the race and is driving towards the finnish but someone is driving just behind me and might as well win the race instead of me I used to shake my legs as if I was running. I do it without noticing it at first, but when I finally notice it I feel really weird...
Jul 22, 2011
ok this is with kinda all gun fighting games like i get all up out of my seat like when i see a enemy i grip the controller hard and shoot my arms get all stiff and that is like how i get major points in the game morely in goldeneye so yea but i am try to change it to where i stay in my seat and get major points to with out get so tense
Sep 3, 2011
Lol! Let the list begin!

1. I get really into it! In TP, i swing my sword a whole lot, expecting it to make a difference like in SS!
2. I flinch when my character takes a hit.
3. Mocking characters i hate
4. Leaning when turning a corner
5. Yelling my characters victory line when i win. "Great Palentena,the victory is ours!" Yeah...
6. I yell soooo loud when i lose
7. I tend to talk about what i acheive that day for hours. Once i went on for 15 minutes straight talking about how i stopped a civil war in Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn to my dad who really didnt care at the time. He was trying to fix something, and i blabbed on with every detail. XD
8. When i lose, i almost always yell: "Why does the world hate me?!"
9. Yell at the protangonist when he's dying "NO! Dont you DARE die!"
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The local treehugger
Sep 23, 2011
1. I talk to myself a lot, and talk about whatever I see in the game that interest's me. lol
2. I often say thing's like "Take that, sucker!" Or "YOU WANT MORE, HUH!?" when fighting enemies XD And say thing's like "That could've been better..." Or "Aww man, I just did that..." When I loose or make a stupid decision.
3. I react to how the character would act, such as leaning left or right, and flinching. lol Same goes for racing game's, as I've seen some people point out on this thread lol.
4. I have a tendency of tuning people out when playing something. Mostly Zelda and Sonic game's. XD
Sep 17, 2011
I just...talk to myself/do dramatic readings of the dialogue (or try and fail to copy different accents, but Zelda games are a goldmine for dramatic readings). Or talk to the character... "Ezio, why did you have to fall? ... Good boy, now climb that ledge...good....siiiilently...NO NO NO, WHAT THE ****?! NO. NO! DON'T DIE. WHAT THE- That is not possible."

I panic far too easily (mostly in shooters) and I start cursing really quietly and fast, if something goes wrong - especially if there's a timer on the screen. But when I succeed I gloat and dance while sitting for a while.


Viceroy of Area 11
Dec 24, 2010
I memorize grammar to game music. >_< And talk to the characters, and talk as the character, and swear and do victory dances.


There you are! You monsters!
Forum Volunteer
Feb 8, 2011
I used to narrate Mario's thoughts when I played SM64, because I was acting like a spy of sorts, sneaking up on Goombas and Bob-Ombs.

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