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Zelda Art Elegy's Lyrical Madness


Soldier of Ikana
Jul 26, 2012
Stone Tower Temple
Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't been active... at all. I kinda forgot about ZD, but now I'm back and ready to start posting stuff. :)

While I was gone, I've been attempting to write lyrics to various songs in Zelda (mainly Majora's Mask, since, well, it's my favorite), and I decided to post them here. And so, without further ado, here's the first one I ever wrote. It's supposed to be sung to Stone Tower Temple's theme.


Darkness fills my heart and mind
Broken, lost and nearly blind

I'm trapped here, lost behind all my sorrow
Stone Tower, a place full of lament
Thrust open, and now this land is barren
Life now gone, our hope is thoroughly spent

Deadly maze, perils abound
One false step, you'll join the dead
You have light, yet you are blind
You don't see what lies ahead

Your light is beginning to grow dim
Your quest is failing, you cannot beat him

Light the torch and find your way
Or the dark leads you astray

Creatures watch you as you progress forward
Evil hearts, corrupt minds filled with hate
Brought to life, but they aren't really living
We have all met with a terrible fate

Light fades here; there's no escape
Stumble now, and you will fail
Fears and doubts enter your mind
You're straying beyond the trail

Stone Tower is a cursed place full of lies
Takes and crushes all hope from in your eyes

Downside up and down you fall
This way, that and up the hall

Fighting evil, not running from your foe
Don't fear them, or darkness will consume
Elegy, a song that's full of sadness
Heartless soldier that's becoming you

Emptiness fills your being
You know that you won't go home
Maybe yet, you'll find your way
But nothing is set in stone

Fight for the light, or join the dark army
What's best may be beyond what you can see

Three more. In the order of which they're posted: Sonata of Awakening, Elegy of Emptiness, and Sharp's Churse.

Hear us, hear us, awaken
Open, open your eyes
Let us, let us arise and
Shout joyful cries

Come and, come and rejoice now
Come see, come see the sun
Let us, let us awaken
And rise as one

Sadness clings strong to our core
Nothing but pain evermore
When can we go
Peace will I e're know
Tears we shed

Broken souls shattered to dust
We don't want to but we must
Battle the light
With all of our might
Dark servants

A soldier that holds no heart
Empty smiles that we impart
We knew this fate
We came much too late
So we die

Young hero who does not fear us
Join the ranks of the dead army
Don't resist my silent calling
Succumb to my dark melody

You cannot endure much longer
Let the arms of death embrace you
Why do you fight when it's hopeless
You can't seem to see that you're through

Like? Don't like? Anything I could improve on? Please let me know! :)
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