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Elden Ring


The Oncoming Storm
Aug 22, 2012
Sacred Realm
Just finished my fourth playthrough. Made a dex/arcane build powerstancing with two Hands of Malenia. It was great. I really like how easy it is to experiment with different builds in this game.
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Dec 19, 2019
all the statues of Marika remind me of the statues of Hylia in BOTW. similar characters in a way too.
Dec 19, 2019
Did a little list of Elden Ring and Zelda series enemies and characters and bosses in terms of my views on their equivalency

Dogs & Undead Dogs = Stalhounds
Fire ChuChu = Burning Slug
Teardrop Scarab = hiding Koroks
Exile Soldiers = Wizzrobes or Yiga or Garo
Bokoblin = DemiHumans
Bokoblin = Misbegotten
Aeralfos = winged Misbegotten
Moblin = DemiHuman Queen
Hinox = Trolls
Keese = Giant Bat
Fire Wizzrobe & Aghanim from A Link to the Past = Fire Monks
Ice Wizzrobes = Knights of Zamor
Fire Wizzrobe = Thorn Fire Sorcerers
Albinauric Wolfback Archers = Rito Warriors
Finger Creeper = WallMasters
Direwolf = Wolfos
Duelist = Iron Knuckle or Darkhammer
Fire Prelate = Iron Knuckle
Page = Yiga warrior
Skeletal Slime = Like Likes
Knights of Zamor = Zora warriors
Burial Watchdogs = Armos
Lion Guardian = Lynels
Man Serpents = Lizalfos
regional soldiers & knights = Hyrule soldiers from A Link to the Past
Giant Crow = Silent Realm Guardians mixed with Helmaroc King
Giant Dog = Moblin from OoT but not really or mindless rolling Gorons from OoT & MM or raging Armos
Ancestral Follower = Gorons if they inhabited the Tower of Gods from Wind Waker
Mimic Tear = Shadow Link
Omen = Stalfos from several games or Moblins from Wind Waker
Oracle Envoy = Guardian Turret
Grafted Scion = Guardian Stalker or Guardian Scouts or Lynel
Black Knife Assassin = Impa or Sheik or Sheikah or Yiga
Nomadic Merchants / Nomads = Stable workers or Beedle
Frenzied = Cursed Bokoblins
Broken Statue = Decayed Guardians
Abductor Virgin = Guardian Stalker mixed with Dead Hand
Perfumer = Wizzrobes mixed with Yiga
Revenant = ReDead mixed w/ Guardian Stalker
Mad Pumpkinhead = Hinox or Stalnox
Blackflame Monk = Silent Realm Guardian mixed with Aghanim from A Link to the Past
Chariot = Guardians
Wraith Caller = Wizzrobes from Wind Waker
Albinauric creatures = Pebblits from BOTW mixed w/ Poes mixed w/ Mad Deku Scrubs mixed w/ Stalchild
Celebrant = Gerudo from Ocarina of Time or Deku Kingdom from Majora's Mask
Gerudo = Black Knife Assassins
Mausoleum Soldiers = DarkNut or PHantom Ganon
Beastmen of Farum Azula = elite Bokoblins
Wormfaces = ReDead or DeadHand
Crucible Knights = DarkNut or Silent Realm Guardian
Vulgar Militia Men = miniblin
Nox Swordstress = Gerudo warriors or Yiga
Clayman = ReDead Knights
Marionette Soldiers = Skull Kid's puppets from Twilight Princess
Flame Chariot = Guardians
RuneBear = Lynel
Chanting Winged Dame = Poe Sisters or TwinRova
Alabaster Lord = easier to deal with Silent Realm Guardians in stalking movements
Living Jars = Gorons or Link's worst enemies come back for revenge for all the pots and jars he's ever broken
Skeletal Bandits / Mages / Militiamen = StalBokoblins and Stalkkoblins or StalMoblins
Kaiden SellSwords = DarkNuts from Skyrim who might have fought with the Hero's Shade
Fanged Imp = Miniblin
Miners = ReDead Knight
Golem = Hinox or Igneo Talus Titan or Moblins from OoT
Invaders = Yiga Clan
Sanguine Nobles = Yiga Clan
Spirit JellyFish = Sky Octorok or Guardian Skywatcher
Giant Miranda Sprouts and kin = Pea Hats
Giant Crab = Lynel or Guardians or Stone Talus
Putrid Corpse = ReDead
Giant Land Octopus = Octorok or Guardians
War Hawks = Guardian Skywatacher Sky Octorok or Kargarok
Molduga = Tree Spirits
Leonine Misbegotten Warriors = Lynel / Blights
Sheikah Monks = Sealed Underground Nomads
Bell Bearing Hunter = DarkNut mixed with a Guardian in terms of inducing fear and stalking nature of Silent Realm Guardians
Death Bird = Helmaroc King? but not really or Helmaroc King if it was imprisoned in Arbiter's Grounds
ErdTree Avatar = walking Deku Tree warrior
Godskin Noble = Silent Realm Guardians mixed with something from Arbiters Grounds
Godskin Apostle = Silent Realm Guardians mixed with something from Arbiters Grounds
Fire Giant = Ganon on rampage maybe Calamity Ganon
Tibia Mariner = like something from Arbiter's Grounds like Death Sword
Dragons in both series are so different they are really uncomparable aside from OoT's dragon boss or Aquamentus
Margit the Fell Omen / Morgott the Omen King = Ganondorf from Wind Waker
Patches = Skull Kid
Tree Sentinels = DarkNuts on horseback or King Bulblin
Crystalians = Magtails in that you have to chip away at armor or Silent Realm Guardians in unearthly look
Cemetery Shades = like a miniboss from Arbiter's Grounds
BloodHound Knights = Shadow Beasts Twilight Princess (inhuman and erratic in movements) or DarkNuts from WindWaker
Magma Wyrms = Dodongos
Night's Calvary = DarkNuts or Phantom Ganons
Cleanrot Knights = DarkNuts mixed with Sheikah and Silent Realm Guardians
Falling Star Beasts = Lynels / Guardians or Helmasaur King or Goht from Majora's Mask
Starscourge Radhan = Ganon in beast mode
Goddfrey the First Lord = King Rhoam of Hyrule if he lived among the sumo wrestling loving Gorons of Twilight Princess
Kindred of Rot = Deku Babas in kind or organic or parasitical evil? and annoyance
Rykard & God Devouring Serpent = more like a typical Zelda boss than any other Elden Ring boss or any final phase Ganon where he just gives up his humanity and merges with a demonic beast
Beast Clergyman / Maliketh the Black Blade = Fierce Deity / Sheik
Astels = Majora mixed w/ a typical giant monstrosity boss from Twilight Princess
Omen Killers = Yiga Blademasters
Spirit Caller Snails = Wizzrobes from Wind Waker
Godrick the Grafted = Zant mixed with Twilight Princess Ganondorf mixed with OoT Ganondorf
Renala of the Full Moon = Mipha or other tragic Zora princesses who experience doomed or unrequited love
Ranni the Witch = princess Zelda and Midna
Mogh = Demise / Ganon from Zelda 2 because of the blood resurrection aspect
Dragonkin Soldiers = Bongo Bongo as in both disturbing underground dark creation both mostly torsos
Radagon of the Golden Order = Ghirahim mixed with OoT Ganondorf
Ancestor Spirits = like if Lon Lon Ranch was located in the Twilight Realm or obviously the Lord of the Mountain from BOTW
Valiant Gargoyles = Blights / Shadow Beasts / Odolwa / Majora's Wrath
Loretta Knight of the Haligtree = Impa mixed with a Phantom Ganon
Malenia Blade of Miquella = Sheik mixed with Impa from OoT and Skyward Sword
Miquella = child Zelda and child Link from OoT and Zelda from Skyward Sword
Finger Crones = old lady Impa
Sir Gideon Ofnir = Zant or Yuga or typical scheming early to mid late game distraction villain from many Zelda games
Godwynn the Golden = the hero of time mixed w/ the dead champions from BOTW
Marika = Hylia
Elden Beast = Majora, The Imprisoned, Tentalus, Dark Beast Ganon BOTW
Elden Ring = Triforce
The Greater Will = Din, Farore, Nayru
the Great Deku Tree = you would think the Erd Tree but nope. it's more like Liurnia of the Lakes' turtle (tortoise?) Pope in its stationary wisdom
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Dec 19, 2019
check this out and see if it doesn't sound familiar

A blind master of the sword from a time long before the Shattering. It's said he received a "flowing sword" from a blue fairy and used it to seal away an ancient god of Rot.

He's implied to have worn the Blue Cloth Set. At very least, the description of the Flowing Curved Sword indicates that he wore blue.

the fairy that helped him might be in (or is) the Siofra River (Siofra means fairy in Irish).

A legendary hero who seals away a great evil using a magic sword. Helped by a fairy. Wears blue like the champion's tunic. if it had been green it would have been even more of a call back to Ocarina of Time, but whatever. Rivers and springs and fountains involving fairies and peaceful gods is a trope in Zelda. Navi doesn't come from a spring or river that we know of but several spirts and definitely the great fairies do.
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