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Echo Avatars


I will give all my plushies for you L
I can make avatars for people :) I will not do sigs, just avatars. Will make them with pencils, colored pencils, and markers. The reason I will not do sigs is because they are usually a small rectangle shape, and I can’t really make small, rectangle photos. They are free, for now.
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I will give all my plushies for you L
Can you make an avatar featuring Thalapathy? (use Google)

Umm, looked it up, and are you talking about a movie? If so, do you want me to draw a portrait of the actor or what? Never saw it. Is it a popular movie where you live, or do you just like it.
:) nice! great shading, great strokes! you just need to work a bit on proportions.
You asked a cartoonist to draw a real person in her style. I don't know why you expected the proportions to match realism. I say she did an amazing job translating the source image.

Echo, you have a really good style with a lot of flow and movement. I admire how you're trying new things. Love your art. <3

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