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Eating in Class

Jan 1, 2011
Well, considering that I'm pregnant and get hungry at the weirdest times, I do/will eat in class. But before I was preggers I didn't. It was rude and disrespectful towards the teacher.


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Oct 23, 2012
In the days of my youth, in school, it was against the rules to eat in class, but during lunch any student can enter the classrooms and eat there in peace.
I had a teacher that let me do that. Only one though. I thought it was great, and I really got to know my teacher pretty well that year.


I wish. There's a crabby old teacher who doesn't let us eat at all in the LUNCHROOM after school. o_O
She also doesn't let us go on iPods or anything even though its the holding center where we sit and wait for our late bus to come for a half hour and we get flat out BORED. there's nothing to be distracted from or anything. But my sewing teacher is really nice and lax about everything and lets us eat and stuff as long as we don't leave wrappers and crumbs and stuff all over the place.


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Dec 21, 2011
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It personally depends on the class, however the majority of the time I don't do it. However sometimes I do it cause I might be craving sweets and I bought it from a classmate or something.


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When I was in high, (like, just a month ago lol) the teachers didn't mind in some cases, like if you said you didn't have time for breakfast they'd give everyone who couldn't a couple of minutes if it was early. Take too long and you'll have to either gobble whatever you have left up in one whole (which could get either very funny or very uncomfortable to look at when someone else did it) or get rid of it. Oh ya, and some teachers were fine as long as you shared. :P

Well, that's why they invented a little thing called a lunch break.

It kind of bothers me when people are eating during lecture. A lot of people in my college love to eat their lunch during class time and use their lunch break to do something else. Why? Because screw logic. That's why.
^ They often used that very same logic for those fresh-off the lunch break, and I've got to say, it did apply more often than not. Considering we had half an hour breaks, I'm hard pressed to imagine what someone could have to do during break not to have enough time to eat something quickly before class. Eh, I'm not really one who ever did much other than eating on breaks, so it's probably easy for me to say. On class, I don't really feel I can say it's inherently disrespectful. What did bother them was someone on the cellphone; if you so much as looked under your desk, they'd stop at the middle of the lecture and tell you to hand it over even if you didn't actually have a phone. I wouldn't be surprised if some people's phones were more often on the drawer than on their pockets.
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Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
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Depends on my class really. Usually I eat on my day two when I'm in Physics, but then again, that teacher lets us do just about anything. Half the time I fall asleep in the class and I still get good grades for it (it's actually my highest grade right now). It's not like the subject is super boring, but the teacher is really monotone and he drones a lot so I get bored and I'll either eat, doodle, write down random poetry, or sleep.
Jun 28, 2010
Eating in class was pretty much never allowed when I was in school, unless it was a group thing like somebody's birthday or some big event. I always found it kind of weird and disrespectful. But I was even more annoyed in one class that was right before lunch where there were always these couple of girls who would go around begging everyone for food as if they were starving to death, and for some reason, they always seemed to go to me.

I mean... I actually didn't get to eat much in high school. I pretty much had one meal a day, at home. Nothing to eat or bring to school on most days. And when I did have something to eat for breakfast, it was something like microwaved spaghetti noodles in water. And my weight showed it. So I couldn't help but think, "what on earth makes you think I have food, or that if I did, I'd give it to you?" :P


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Dec 17, 2012
Speaking as a teacher, it doesn't really bother me unless a student decides to use the chips bag as a noise maker or eat something that will make a mess (eg an orange). As long as everyone cleans up after themselves and the food doesn't become a distraction, I don't see it as a problem. If the administration is going to have vending machines on outside of the lunch periods, it's a battle I'm not inclined to fight. I generally hate enforcing rules that provide me no discernible benefit. I'll throw a student out for being disruptive - That allows me to do my job better. Fighting a war I can't win against students eating Sun Chips? I'm less inclined to do that.
Aug 1, 2012
When I was in high school we were not allowed to do so unless the teacher approved so it rarely happened back then. Now in college is a different story. I have days where i'm in class from 9am till 3pm without a break so I bring my lunch to class and eat it there. I usually try to bring something simple that won't distract people. I have never had an issue with eating in class as long as the person doing so isn't obnoxious about it. I've seen many people coming into night classes as well with a bag from McDonalds or Taco Bell and never thought anything of it because not everyone has a chance to eat between classes. I've had many times where an hour between a class couldn't be used for eating because I had to print off a paper, talk to my professors or work. I figure as long as no one makes a big deal about it, I don't see the harm.
Oct 26, 2008
The way I see it is that I learn a lot better when I'm not sat there thinking about how thirsty or hungry I am, so I tried to eat whenever I did feel hungry. The teachers in our school only cared before we moved onto higher education at age 16, before then they would confiscate the food and after they'd only tell us to stop eating if we were in a lab at the time. The reason we weren't allowed to eat in a lab being that it's against health and safety but we all sorta ignored that rule.


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Aug 18, 2012
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I honestly didn't know that was a thing. For me eating is done during lunch time and supper time and not outside.

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