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E3 Wishlist!


Forever I am Abandoned
Mar 2, 2010
In the middle of Kansas...
E3 is right around the corner! What do want to see?

-WiiU hands-on
-Smash Brothers 4 trailer
-Mario 4 trailer

-New Star Fox
-New F-Zero
-New Metroid
-New No More Heroes
-New Tekken

Those are some I can think off from the top of my head. What about yours?
I have quite a long laundry list :xd::

-Super Smash Bros. 4 trailer with explanation of Wii U-3Ds connection functionality
-New Super Mario Bros. 2, Luigi's Mansion 2, Paper Mario 3DS trailers with release dates
-2D Metroid game for 3DS announced
-Reappearance of the Last Guardian with trailer and release date
-New Halo 4 Trailer and developer interview shedding more light on the narrative and multiplayer
-Confirmation of Retro Studios Star Fox for Wii U rumor to be true with trailer to boot
-Pikmin 3 with trailer (already confirmed)
-Confirmation of Wii U release for Resident Evil 6
-Fire Emblem: Awakening confirmed for North America with release date
-Sony confirms price cut for PS Vita
-Nintendo changes "Wii U" name and announced system release date (price confirmed as no-show)
-Next Xbox and Playstation systems teased but not officially announced
May 2, 2012
Hopefully Nintendo comes out with a new IP instead of revivals of their old games, granted I love all their old games and I am quite excited for Pikmin 3 and many many other announcements, but I would like Nintendo to make a new franchise, maybe four or more to bring in some excitment for the WiiU.

Rare Addict

Site Staff
Jun 15, 2010
United States
Virtually everything listed by A_LINK_IN_TIME, along with a few "original" wishes

- Ken Levine changes his mind and showcases new footage of BioShock Infinite.
- Super Mario Wii U trailer with confirmation of it being a launch title for the system.
- Trailer for Bungie's new IP


The 8150th Link
Jul 26, 2010
Pikmin 3
Portal 3
Kingdom Hearts 3
Wii U
The Last Guardian
Star Fox
The Legend of Zelda
Super Smash Bros 4
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Mayor Dotour

Mayor of Clocktown
May 13, 2012
WiiU hands on
WiiU name change
3DS Zelda Announced
New Starfox
New fzero
Pokemon ruby/sapphire remake on 3ds
3ds assasins creed titles

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster

1) New Metroid, 2D of course, on the 3DS
2) Fire Emblem Awakening
4) Mega Man X games announced for 3DS e-shop release
5) New Castlevania
6) New name/release date for the Wii U
7) New apps announced for the 3DS like Skype, Spotify, and FlipNote
8) A better video channel for the 3DS (ie. on demand, no charge) (probably won't happen though)
9) Team Ninja decides to work with Nintendo again for another Metroid game or possibly Legend of Zelda
10) Some sort of announcement about Sony's next system
11) As ALIT said, a price cut for the PS Vita.
12) More info on Resident Evil 6
Jun 8, 2011
Some talk about the making of the new super smash bros.
Annoucement of a zelda 3ds
Annoucement of a Tales of on the 3ds (maybe symphonia, or something new)
A new Megaman? (I'm dreaming --')
May 5, 2012
Am hopinh for loads of new info about the wii u and for them to give demonstrations of it!

Looking forward to hear what all game companies at the event have to say :)

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