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Dungeon Weekly #03: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Jan 28, 2012
Preston, UK
Dungeon Weekly - Every Thursday

Week #03: Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Jabu-Jabu is a giant fish and the Zora's deity. Princess Ruto thinks that the deity is her pet, and goes inside it once and awhile to clean him up, weird. Except, Jabu-Jabu gets a curse put upon it by Ganondorf and all of its insides are messed up big time! When the princess sees all this, she refuses to leave the stomach of the fish until she fixes everything. This is when Link arrives. The King tells Link to go retrieve the princess from inside the giant fish. And once climbing inside his tuna smelling mouth, the third dungeon of Ocarina of Time begins.

There isn't really 'floors' to this dungeon, every room has some kind of slant or ledge, and every corridor twists and turns. The reason of this being, is that it's inside a giant fish. The concept of this dungeon is great, each room represents each part of the body. The main room with the random holes could possible be the lungs, the room with the water could be the stomach and the corridors at the end could be the intestines. It's very creative how it's set out, but it isn't exactly 'great'. Maybe it wasn't meant to be though, maybe they made it like that on purpose. Even the doors are realistically awesome! The layout deserves a clap.

In this dungeon, there's lots of odd things you have to do. Like carrying the princess wherever you go to complete puzzles, good idea but the most annoying thing in the game. (Apart from Navi) She insists you have to stay with her, or she'll go all the way back to the lung area. You have to complete a few puzzles with her, and they're all the same, let her sit on a button. But then halfway through the dungeon, you finally lose her and then have to fight one of the most time consuming mini-bosses ever. Big Octo, my least favorite mini-boss in anything ever.

The giant tentacles you have to fight to unblock certain corridors is annoying too. You have to fight three, and by the second one you think that Nintendo have failed in the 'variety' section. The enemy's in the dungeon are pretty cool though, the Bari and the Biri and fun to fight once you've got the boomerang and the Tailpasarans are annoying, but awesome. There isn't really much more to this dungeon apart from the weird wobbly jelly. The features are okay, but repetitive and Ruto is arrogantly annoying.

Once you reach the boss room, you confront one of the weirdest looking things you've ever seen. It's a huge virus-fungus-thing creature with tentacles everywhere. It spins at you, sqwirts acid gunk at you and even sends its fellow Bari's out. It's Barinade. You first have to cut the strange cords that suck the life out of Jabu-Jabu up with your boomerang, then basically try to stun it and slash at the large bulge at the bottom of its body. Once you defeat it, it explodes and gunk goes everywhere. Worth it though for the Zora's Sapphire.

The layout is quite bad, but it's meant to be. Some features are okay, but the puzzles are awful. The boss, is just weird but quite fun when you come to think of it. It's an okay dungeon.

RATING: 6/10

Child Dungeons Conclusion
The child dungeons are okay. Inside the Great Deku Tree in my opinion is a very good dungeon, my second favorite in the whole game. I H.A.T.E Dodongo's Cavern, it only pleases the most boring of gamers. Inside Jabu-Jabu's belly is in-between, it's creative, but not great. Inside the Great Deku Tree is defiantly the best child dungeon in my opinion.

That's it really. Post what you think below! Have a nice day/evening!

- GreenGyser :chu:


Jun 22, 2011
IMO this is the best of the child dungeons but that's not saying a lot. I agree with many of your criticisms of Inside Jabu Jabu especially the pointless repetition of fighting the tentacles. The layout is somewhat weird but really it makes the dungeon somewhat hard to navigate at first. This dungeon is harder than the other two child dungeons, and it serves as an adequate bridge to the adult dungeons which IMO are all harder and better than the child dungeons. So basically I can't wait until next week to see what you think of the Forest Temple (assuming of course that you continue going through OOT). I really enjoy your weekly posts, keep it up!

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