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A Link to the Past Dungeon Order

Dec 14, 2010
I am aware that you can do the dungeons in any order as to what the game suggests but what are the orders


Feb 7, 2011
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Well, you have to go through the Dark and Swamp Palaces, at least in order to get the weapons. After that, I do Thieves Town, Misery Mire, Lost Woods, and Ice Palace. You almost have to do Turtle Rock last. I know I do.


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Wait... do you mean the order that you're technically "supposed" to do them in, as in obtaining crystal number 1 first and so on? Oh, that is:
1) Dark Palace - Item: Magic Hammer
2) Swamp Palace - Item: Hookshot
3) Skull Woods - Item: Fire Rod
4) Thieves' Town (Gargoyle's Domain) - Item: Titan's Mitt
5) Ice Palace - Item: Blue Mail
6) Misery Mire - Item: Cane of Somaria
7) Turtle Rock - Item: Mirror Shield

There is also a walkthrough for this game provided on ZD, which you can easily get to by the navigation up top. But yes, you can pretty much do these in almost any order--with a few still requiring to get the items out of the dungeons before venturing to other dungeons (ex. you can't get past the first room in Ice Palace without the Fire Rod which you obtain in Skull Woods).


Jun 22, 2011

I was wondering about this myself and found this thread a while ago. What AmazingAmpharos says seems to be the most correct. Swift_Strider's list is correct except that 6 can be before 2 because of what AmazingAmpharos says about crossing the gap in the first room of 6. I can confirm this as I have done 1,4,6,3,2,5,7 myself following this advice.

For those of you who don't want to follow the link:
AmazingAmpharos says "In terms of Dark World Dungeons...

1 obviously requires nothing.
2 requires the Hammer to get in and Flippers once inside.
3 requires the Hammer to reach.
4 requires the Hammer to reach.
5 requires the Titan's Mitt to reach and either the Fire Rod or Bombos to complete (Fire Rod heavily advised). There's a room that is possible but not "normal" to avoid that can get you stuck if you don't have the Hookshot (which is also incredibly useful for combat in this dungeon). The Cane of Somaria can be used to save a ridiculous amount of time in this dungeon but is obviously not required.
6 requires the Titan's Mitt (and Flute) to reach but no other treasures once inside. You can cross the first room with the Pegasus Boots dash bashing the blocks; you don't need the Hookshot like it seems.
7 requires the Titan's Mitt and Hammer to enter, the Cane of Somaria to transverse, and the Fire Rod and Ice Rod to clear the boss.

I left out required items that you would be sure to get just playing through the Light World.

The most efficient general dungeon order is this:

1, 4, 2/3/6 *(order is largley preference), 5, 7"

Swift_Strider says "- #1 is obviously first for the hammer
- From there you can skip 2 and go to either 3 or 4. Most prefer 4 first for the mitts that give you access to your lvl 3 sword.
- You can do 6 anytime after you finish 2, and 5 once you've completed 2 and 4.
- 7 can be done anytime after you complete 3, 4, and 6." Note once again that 6 can be before 2 which is the only mistake I can find.
Sep 6, 2008
Ice Palace is soooo much easier after Misery Mire because you can skip that puzle involving pushing the block down, you can use the cane.
Jul 5, 2011
Back when I was really young playing it for the first time (I was really bad at games then) I think I actually beat the swamp palace before the palace of darkness. I do remember having a tough time with the ice palace, and skipped it for misery mire instead. You don't need the ice palace dungeon item for anything.


1, 4, 2, 5, 6, 3, 7

4 for the Mitts and the early sword upgrade. 2 for the Hookshot to later make 5 easier to handle. 5 does not need the firerod, just bombos and you won't have to use it often. We do 5 early to get the armor upgrade soon as possible. The cane of somaria does make 5 a bit quicker, but I've found that it wasn't that much quicker once you knew how to do the puzzle. 6 and 3 can go either way but I like to do 6 first because the cane allows you to skip dragging that statue in the room full of wall masters in 3. Then 7 requires the cane and the firerod so you more or less have to do that one last. Not to mention the mirror shield doesn't really help you in 2-6 anyways.


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Nov 29, 2010
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I always finish Misery Mire before I attempt the Ice Dungeon, the cane just makes that annoying block trick in the last parts of the ice palace amazingly simple. The ability to skip that entire puzzle is worth taking on a whole separate dungeon. All the other dungeons I pretty much take on in the correct order because I generally have little reason to want to skip them. I think once or twice I have gone straight to lev 4 after getting the hammer in lev 1 just so I can leave that general eastern area. But gaining the gold gloves opens up the rest of the map and makes everything so much easier.

I cannot think of all the times I am pretty sure I discovered something important but I did not have the ability or item to get over to it yet. And later on I had totally forgotten about it. Getting the good world opening items means I can go get the secret as soon as I discover it.


Jun 22, 2011
The craziest order I've ever done is 1, 4, 6, 3, 7, 5, 2. I was surprised to discover that you don't need to use the hookshot in any place in the game except for within dungeon 2 and Ganon's Tower. You can get across the gap in 6 by running into a block with the pegasus boots and the recoil will get you over the gap. In 5 there's a room that needs the hookshot, but you can actually use the Magic Mirror to go to the start once you get stuck then go through a locked door that you now have the key for. It's complicated but fun to figure out how to do.

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