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Dungeon in Trailer

Jul 12, 2010
Kamina City
I know that many people think that the dungeon shown in the trailer is the first dungeon and the area where the whole trailer takes place. This is definitely not the case. After watching the trailer, I noticed that Link has different amounts of hearts, so it must take place in different parts of the game and different temples.

There are at least two dungeons shown in the trailer. I think that there will be a fire temple (the one with all the lava and fire enemies) and a mechine temple (the one with all the mechanical enemies). In the fire temple, Link has seven hearts. In the machine temple, Link has nine hearts. This proves that they are separate temples. There are also parts of the trailer that show Link with six hearts, such as the scene showing him fighting the spider enemy (possibly a skulltala). This could be another dungeon, but I think that it is Hyrule Field (or Skyloft Field).

We can also be sure that the machine temple is not the first because Link has more hearts than in the fire temple and comes after it. It could be possible that the fire temple is the first because there are heart pieces to collect, but I don't think so. The fire temple is at most the fifth dungeon and the machine temple at most the seventh. However, I think they come earlier than fifth and seventh.

Also, while fighting the Stalfos and Statue Boss, Link has nine hearts, so he must fight them in the machine temple.
Jan 28, 2010
I think the first place with the skulltula, and then the tightrope, and then the beetle is all the first dungeon which is like a grass/ruins dungeon, then the second dungeon is the fire dungeon which they showed the lizalfos battle, the fire slug, and the fire toadpoli. The third is the machine/electric dungeon where there was the electric peahats and electric beamos looking things, and the fourth they showed looked a lot like an Egyptian dungeon with the four armed stalfos and the golden four armed boss.
Jul 12, 2010
Kamina City
The fire dungeon definitely comes right after the dungeon with the skulltula and tightrope, but I don't thinks that's the first dungeon because Link has six hearts and not three. Also, the dungeon with the Stalfos and Statue Boss is the machine dungeon because Link has the same amount of hearts.


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Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
I think it was Locke, put the scenes togtether into four distinct dungeons... hold on a sec, I'll get that post real quick...

EDIT: Here it is:

I'm bringing this discussion about the dungeons over to this thread, since it doesn't really have much to do with my article and seems to be more SS material than theorizing material. Although none of this is confirmed, I think I've gathered enough evidence to conclusively tie together a lot of information about the dungeons, such as in which order they're encountered, what items are found in each, and what the bosses are. For that reason, I've enclosed the whole thing in spoiler tags. Don't read this if you want fresh exploration of the dungeons on your own when the game comes out.

In the thread about my article, I went through the GDC trailer and compared all the symbols I saw in order to map out which scenes came from which dungeons. Today, I looked back at some E3 footage and I've had to change some of my conclusions.

FIRST: the forest dungeon.

I think the door at the beginning of the trailer is the entrance. The three-leaf symbol in the corners appears over a couple other doors as well. Also, the pillars around the door look similar to the ones around that other puzzle door in the tightrope room.




The three-leaf symbol is a little harder to see here in the image below, but if you watch the video, it's there. This room also has a very distinctive door that we've seen before.



That last one is in the room with the scorpion boss from the demo. The design on top of the door is different, but the door is exactly the same. The same door also appears in the Stalfos room, so that might be a miniboss. Also notice that in all of these screenshots that are from the GDC trailer Link has six hearts. The only other scene in which he has six hearts is the one with the spider, just after the first door scene. If you scroll back up and look at the scene with the beetle flying around, you'll see a large white mushroom next to the door that looks very similar to the plant life in this spider scene.

Link also uses the beetle in two of these scenes, making it difficult to decide if it's acquired in this dungeon or the fire dungeon (more on that later). So so far, the forest dungeon includes:
-the triple-leaf appears to be its main symbol
-recurring pillars
-recurring inlaid arch designs
-general stone structure with some overgrowth and white (possibly frozen? or spore-covered?) foliage
-skulltulas - or spiders of equivalent size if they can't be classified as such
-keese (flying around in the scene with "skull kid")
-green bokoblins (on tightropes!)
-a puzzle door just like the one that appears later on in the trailer with the dragon key, but this one seems to require a different-shaped key
-recurring flower-design doors
-dungeon item: possibly the beetle
-miniboss: possibly the Stalfos
-boss: Scorpion

That's the one I know the most about so far, which would make sense if it's the first dungeon, or very close to the beginning of the game. I mean, before ST released, they showed demos of the first dungeon and boss.

SECOND: the fire dungeon

This one's quite a bit easier to distinguish: all the scenes with lava are in this dungeon! This includes a few from the GDC trailer as well as some from the E3 trailer. The only thing that required symbol analysis here is the puzzle door.



I also noticed that the design around the yellow circle in the Lizalfos room (wavy lines with dots) is also found on the pincers of the beetle, which was used in this dungeon in the E3 trailer. This makes me want to think that it should be associated with the fire dungeon, but then how does Link have it in the forest dungeon? That will remain a mystery for now, unless someone else has some insight. The bow is also used in the fire dungeon in the E3 dungeon, so maybe that's this dungeon's item.

I had assumed the four-armed Stalfos is in the fire dungeon, just from the red tint of the scene, but Link has nine hearts, while every other scene in the fire dungeon has seven.
So far the fire dungeon contains:
-flame symbol
-lava, floating rocks/rock structures
-Fire Toadpoli
-Fire Snail
-Bokoblin (red/orange)
-Fire Keese
-Gohdan-like designs on walls, among other Eastern or Aztec sculptures
-Puzzle door with dragon key
-item: either bow or beetle

THIRD: unknown
It could be the mechanical dungeon if four heart pieces were collected before it was shown in the trailer, but for now I'll classify that as the fourth.

FOURTH: mechanical dungeon
There are only two scenes in this dungeon, both sharing brick walls, yellow plus designs, a strange circle design, and mechanical enemies.



I'm not sure about these two:

I was almost certain the Stalfos Warrior was in the fire dungeon, but I couldn't find any symbols or anything to back that up, and Link has nine hearts in this scene as well, rather than the seven he has in other fire dungeon scenes. I wish I could get a closer look at that door without the bars. For now, I'll throw him in with the mechanical dungeon just because of the hearts.

Finally, the boss fight. Link uses the whip and has nine hearts. The door look like it has a gear symbol on it, which could connect it to the mechanical dungeon, but everything else is completely different.


So the mechanical dungeon contains:
-recurring yellow plus design
-recurring circle design
-Different types of Mechat
-Mechanical Totem Poles
-miniboss: Stalfos Warrior?
-boss: Mecha Shiva?
-item: whip?

Aside from the title screens and the bamboo-cutting mini-game, this leaves two scenes that I couldn't place in any one dungeon.

The first unique scene is the one with the Spear Moblin. Link has nine hearts, and this is the only time the lyre is shown. The white ground and foliage almost looks similar to that of the spider room, but these other details along with the lack of man-made structure anywhere in the scene lead me to believe that this is a completely different area, possibly not inside a dungeon at all.

Next, there's the desert scene with the Electric Rollobite. Link also has nine hearts here, but the locale is completely different. This one is obviously not inside a dungeon, unless it's an extremely open dungeon.
Jul 12, 2010
Kamina City
Thanks for posting that, it was very helpful. I don't think that the forest dungeon is the first though. I think it's either the second or third. However, I think that it's the first dungeon in Hyrule (the others being in Skyloft).

Also, I think that the parts with the Spider/Skulltula and Spear Moblin take place in Hyrule/Skyloft Field. The part with the Electric Rollobite is probably in the Gerudo Desert.


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Apr 14, 2008
Newfoundland, Canada
Wow. I'm not sure which topic Locke posted that in, but it is amazing. I certainly didn't notice any of that stuff when I was watching the video. I mean, I didn't even notice the differences in hearts.


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Jun 15, 2010
Wow. I'm not sure which topic Locke posted that in, but it is amazing. I certainly didn't notice any of that stuff when I was watching the video. I mean, I didn't even notice the differences in hearts.

He first posted it in the Zelda Theory section, but he moved it to the thread called "Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer."

I don't think any of those dungeons are the first. They're in the beginning of the game, but the amount of hearts at the time doesn't add up since you usually only have three hearts at the beginning of the first dungeon. Unless they came back to the dungeons later on the game to make the trailer (and thus naturally have more hearts), the Forest, Fire, and Mechanical dungeons are more likely to appear later on in the game, just more towards the beginning.

I have to say that the Mechanical dungeon might not be as mechanical as we think it is. Hopefully those enemies we've seen have been enchanted by magic in some form or another instead of running on batteries or something. This wouldn't be the first time we've had machine-like enemies in Zelda, though. Besides, does anyone remember the Great Bay Temple from Majora's Mask? I know that it was in Termina, but it had a lot of technological/mechanical themes and it was still a water dungeon.

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