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Dueling Groose


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Jan 9, 2012
When I started playing Skyward Sword, I was psyched about the motion controls. I couldn't wait to fight another sword-wielding opponent. So when I was searching for my loftwing, I met Groose who seems to hate me. I knew immediately that he did something to my loftwing, so I was ready to fight him to get her back. Was anybody else expecting to fight Groose? On a similar note, do wish you could have sparred with other students and knights in the training hall?

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I actually think this is an interesting idea. It would have been nice to spar with Groose prior to his transformation. As Skyward Sword stands, however, Groose is one of the most developed characters in franchise history. He went from one of the game's main antagonists and a school bully to a true companion as well as generator of various Internet memes which I'll refrain from posting here. That change of character is what truly sets his character apart for me.


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May 26, 2010
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Yeah, SS could've used far more combat minigames than it presented. Heck, I'd love for Groose to be an optional secret boss that can roflstomp you if you're not prepared. Basically yes, I expected to fight Groose at one point. The idea of him as a superboss though...oh so good.


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Here's my idea for a mini-game, sadly, it could probably only be an option at the beginning of the game before the main quest, or possibly as a "Link has a flashback mode" if it is made an option for any-time...

You go into the training hall and Eagus asks you if you want to brush up on your sword skills. If you select "Yes" you get an option not unlike the Thunder Dragon's boss-rush, only this is you remembering your lessons with fellow students.

The first fighter is Fledge - easy to win against as he is both slow and weak. (He tries, the poor kid, but Link outranks him).

The next is Groose - A very heavy hitter, does a lot of heart-damage with his blows, but much like large-built characters tend to be in fighting games, a bit slow. The key to victory against him is speed and agility.

Up next is Karane - A light-built lady-fighter, she is almost the opposite of Groose - the "fragile speedster." You can get her with some well-timed strikes, but good luck, as she's quick and good at dodging.

After that, Pipit - An all-arounder, much like you. What TV Tropes might refer to as "The Mario" - the all-around balanced in speed and strength "tough" character.

The final mini-swordfighting game boss? - ZELDA. For once, appearing not in a dress but in pants, mail and a fighting-tunic (purple or pink, perhaps? She is Zelda...) Zelda winds up being your toughest opponent, which perhaps even plays into the story a bit. Sure, she's helpless without Impa on the Surface, but that's only 'cause she doesn't have a sword! Training with her is what has enabled you to be a tough hero!


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Mar 23, 2012
Orlando, Florida
I never really expected to fight him with a sword when I first played SS. I would actually be interested in getting the chance to fight other students in the sparring hall. But I guess it wasn't really needed since there was already a good amount of sword fighting with Ghirahim and stuff.
Jun 16, 2012
It could of been a good tutorial to practice with a student after using the log things. It wouldn't necessarily have to be Groose. Could have just been any knight-in-training. Just a little practice sword fight to practice blocking and such.

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