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i got bored and posted something
Apr 13, 2009
Pacific Northwest
Ah, dreams. Mysteries of themselves. Well, I guess that isn't completely true. We have figured out what has caused them and why. But as for their meaning, that is a different story.

An interesting subject, to say the least. I do have an occasional dream. If I am just tired enough (that sounds weird, but whatever) I can have a very vivid dream. Other nights, I merely go black, then wake up. It's a rather odd expereince.

But as for the dreams themselves, they are supposed to reflect the emotions of the person who is having them, or in other cases, it is just a totally random expereince.

There are new sciences and tests out there in which you cna control your dreams. Unfortunately, I don't have any more info on that, but I'm sure it can be looked up.

A very interesting topic of discussion. Nice Job!


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
To be honest, I don't like my dreams. They're always nightmares. Always. I used to enjoy my nightmares when I was younger because I thought they were pretty cool, but now they're just frightening. Usually I'll have a zombie dream. Seeing zombies on TV, in a videogame, or even discussing them gives me nightmares (but ooooh I love zombies). I'll probably have a nightmare just because I brought it up. Other times, though, I'll have survival horror nightmares. Now that I am older and in a relationship, my fiance is often in my nightmares. Usually, one of us dies.

I figure that I must have some sort of deeply troubling issues that are bringing these nightmares about, but I really don't know what it could be. Perhaps its just stress. Maybe the fact that I've been having horror dreams for years and years is some sort of message. I don't know. Heh, maybe it's just too much video games. ;)

I always thought that the types of dreams people have say something about the person having them.. A happy person usually has happy dreams, unhappy people usually have negative dreams... but if that's true, what does that say about me? I don't see myself as a violent killer, nor do I see myself as some victim trying to live. I see myself as a pretty awesome, achieved, optimistic, and jolly person. So maybe the thought I used to have about people and their dreams is entirely wrong. Or maybe it's right, and I don't quite know myself like I thought I did.

Dreams are... pretty interesting.


Zelda On Paper
Aug 5, 2009
In my very own world
well... i usualy have nightmares: lets see ah yes, ...the un-real sister of the chainsaw

oh i don,t
even like to talk of my worst nightmare ever, well it was a day that i was all alone in my room, (house lights all off) in pure darkness and alone without nobody, a call came up the line, hello?, nothing more than freakin" breathing sounds, and then... cutted off, so i did watch outside my window (i did not know why i did that it just came to me) i saw a strange gothic girl wearing all purple with black, and a...Chainsaw? what would a girl need a chainsaw?, she,s not a lumberjack or something, so before i was about to get down she started the chainsaw,s motor, i did find that someone elese was with her, (unknown person) stainding in front of her, she did swing her chainsaw to his neck, (i did get down to not watch that cruel massacre)
nothing more than chillin" lowd screams of suffering and dessesperation came out of the guy, ...dead...he,s dead... and i am going to be dead too, heads are going to roll, so i did get downstairs, too late she was just at the door, knock, knock, knock, im doomed, now what, so i did look after a place to hide, and then she appeared just in front of me, ...the most chilling part was her animal eyes, standing just in front of me and no sound that she was making exept those freaking breathing noises,and with anger and a big freaking overdrived loud grave deepest suffering scream she did swinged her chainsaw at me, the cold blade, my heart was punding really fast, nothing more than the chainsaw traspasing my neck (like in 5 seconds she murdered me) she did really cutted my head off... now that the chainsaw did really made my neck bleed my head fallen to the floor, nothing out came from me than blood... dead... i ssupose that then was when i wake up now when i am alone in the dark i can still think of her watching behind me, ready to swing her chainsaw at me
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Some of the dreams are relatively normal, while others are weird. Like the dream I had the other night, I was with 3 of my friends, and we were going to play Wii. Then one of them and I snuck off becuase we didn't want to be around the others, so we went into a hidden room where we stole a random persons dog, and then played cards with my friends mother.

*M i d n a*

The Black Star of Niflheim
ZD Champion
Aug 18, 2009
I dream many things, but the weirdest dreams I have are dreams mixed with nightmares. I dream tornadoes alot. I once had a dream about them where the whole sky around me, as far as the eye could see, was crowded with them, just...you know, the whole area was full of them, it was so weird, and scary, and I woke up with my heart beating real fast. I can tell you more about it, but meh, you might just imagine what I dreamt that night.


Can I has cheese burger?
Apr 13, 2009
On earth
I had a dream where I defeated an army of zombies that were ******** and knew nothing. (with a samurai sword too o_O) And my enemy who controlled the zombies were people from my school. But they acted like idiots too.

and another one where I hang out with one of my friends from livejournal in real life. We were in a relationship with each other even though we were both girls. O_O ......

I have very wired crazy dreams that I don't want to go back to sleep.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I dream A LOT (about 5/7 days of the week. And they're pretty much all nightmares :mad::devil: (tough some aren't so scary, but sometimes they really are D:) Again, yesterday I had a really scary dream (it is always MUCH scarier when you have it then when you tell it):

I was at my house, but it wasn't really the same. It took place in my ''cave''. There, it has become a really dark place. It was REALLY creepy. (more than the Shadow Temple or Ikana) And there were mummies and many zombies (but they didn't look like anything as the ones in Zelda.) I had to find something vital to survive. OMG!!! D:D:D: It was REALLY creepy. I thin I never had a nightmare that scary. Just thinking about it makes me wanna... anyway, I don't want to think about it anymore, so there it ends!!! :sick:


Sep 20, 2008
Some of my dreams can be quite terrifying, and some, just plain weird.
Here is one of the more terrifying ones;

I was at school, and was sent on a message by a teacher to deliver something to another class.
On the way to that class, I heard alot of violent noises and screams.
Suddenly, a mangled body was thrown through the window of the class I was walking to.
The body was covered in scratches and what seemed to be bite marks.
The body reache out it's hand and said "Help Me" In a weak voice.
Several students leaped from the hole in the window, and began to eat the body.:sick:
One spotted me and began to run towards me.
Frozen with fear, I threw the thing I was carrying straight at it.

(by this point, I realized that it was a Zombie Apocalypse Dream)

It was still chasing me, then out of nowhere, one of the school cooks, grabbed it, and drove a knife into it's skull.

The cook told me to run, as a bite would spread the infection.
I ran outside and saw that there were hundreds of them everywhere!
Everyone had become one of them!

Just then, I felt a wet substance dripping on my head, I looked up, and saw one of them leaping at me, I screamed, then awoke in the real world.

I was dripping with sweat, and my heart was racing.

But, that was just one of my dreams, one of the odder ones involved a Fat Hamster, a fork, Go karts and Navi. :lol:
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Born to Fail
Sep 11, 2009
Most of my dreams are disturbing to me, and normal to other people.

For example, I dream about me and some random girl I was thinking about running away from horrible things. And then she dies. I die. But I'm still concious. And I can't get out. And I hear voices laughing at my feeble attempts to escape them, when I've already gotten away through death. And then the voices come and haunt me when I'm still concious, like at school.

And then there was the one where I dreamt about a zombie attack. But who doesn't have those?


Feb 25, 2010
a day or 2 ago i had this dream i was at arbys. i ordered a octorok burger and i had a toothpick in it. when i looked closer i saw it looked like the the master sword i tosed it at ganon (he was at another table) and he died. then captin price from call of duty 4 came and gave me box of oreos that had the tri forse on one side and the hyrulian shield on the other side then i woke up. i was playing to much a link to the past that day and call of duty 4


Apr 28, 2010
Where ever there is tea
I knew I would find a dream topic here. Im always dreaming,whether it be in my bed or in math class lol. Though all dreams are good i consider each one special. Some of my dreams even point to future events that take place. You know,when you dream something and in a certain span of time you realize that ur doing or something is happening exactly according to what your dream was.


Feb 25, 2010
i dreamed i was flying last knight then this spaceship came into view. i then woke up.


The tree hugger of Hyrule
I usually don't have dreams, but I've been having them more frequently. I usually have one dream every one or two months, but so far, I'd had 3 dreams this week, but I'll tell you guys them (but most of my dreams are really really weird):

Dream Number One (Wednesday night)- It was kinda like Twilight, only I didn't really have an Edward. I was Bella, only a lot less lame. I was in my real life room and I saw a snake on my ceiling. (my ceiling connects to my window, by the way) It was trying to bite through the screen thing and I shut the window (I hate snakes) and then I saw my parents drive up my driveway and it was the same car as Bella uses in Twilight. I went downstairs to my living room and I said something to my brother (I can't remember what I said) and then I woke up.

Dream Number Two- (Friday Night) I was like 30 or something and I was at a convention center. It was kind of multicultural one because I there was a Japanese dance show and other stuff. And then the USA show came on and it was like a Mario game and some people were playing Mario characters and stuff. Then I woke up and went back to sleep.

Dream Number Three- (Friday Night) I was 45 or something and I was at a retirement home with my parents (I think it was called Lon Lon Ranch... weird...) and my mom went up to her room and laid down on a bed. She said not to put her in a home because she sill wanted to work and I agreed but it was for her own good and then I found my favorite lip gloss on the nightstand and it was empty and I asked my mom why was it empty, but she didn't answer. Then I woke up.

Seriously, my dreams are really weird.


The epic turnip king
Feb 22, 2010
In a platypus
I'll tell you my most recent dream. I was on my way home with my mom driving. We got back from the hospital because she was having spasms. When we were near the beach her arm had a spasm and we drove into the water. We had a slow death, but I caught Kyogre! I'm glad it was a dream.

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