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Dreams thread.


Guh huh, hemon
Apr 16, 2021
I have a lot of dreams about missing or being late to work on accident, like often multiple in one night, but this one stuck out to me in particular:
Started out a normal day, but I didn't get ready in time so I ended up getting to work 20 minutes late. I'm concerned but no one has noticed yet, I assume they'll find out and I might get in trouble later. Some time into my shift I decide to take my lunch break (you clock in and out of it so they can keep track) and I decide to ride my bike to the fish museum (???) go look at some cool fish skeletons hanging from the ceiling, bike back (target is now in the middle of the jungle??) So I bike through the jungle and get there, but I'm 10 minutes late, so now I'm worried about that too. But when I get in, almost all the lights are out, so it's either pitch black or, if you're near a light, there's an eerie orange glow. Someone tells me the store is closing soon. Soon all the customers are gone and it's just me and a couple coworkers at the fitting room, almost every light is gone at this point, so I have the bright idea of playing hide and seek. Everyone wants to but as soon as we're about to start, boss calls us outside and says since the store is closed, we'll be doing something "different" today.
Outside in the parking lot (not in the jungle anymore) it's dark and cloudy, and there's nothing there but a bouncy house. Scott pratte is there with a couple bb guns, and my boss explains that we're all to run around in the bouncy house while Scott tries to shoot us. So that's what we did, and even then i remember still worrying about getting in trouble about missing parts of work when all "work" had been reduced to was running around in a bouncy house trying not to get shot.
I had a weird dream the other night that I honestly don't remember a whole lot about but a good portion of it was like a Hollow Knight x Splatoon crossover, like it was a Splatfest in the Colosseum of Fools or something, but I've been really wanna play Splatoon since but am too busy to right now. :(

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