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Drawing Competition Round 49 - Results

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Pico picori!
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Hey guys, it's time again for another Drawing Competition. With Morbid Minish running the Splatoon Tournaments I'll be taking over this one. The theme for this month is:


For anyone curious, my exact thought process was; "I should do something seasonal. Fall. Falling. You can't fall unless you fly first". That should give you a pretty good idea of how these prompts are going to go lol. There's a lot of directions you can take this one, so I'm curious to see what you guys come up with!

Please DM any entries or questions to @Uwu_Oocoo2. Entries should be submitted by Sunday, Nov. 20th, 11:59:59pm ET.
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Pico picori!
ZD Legend
Forum Volunteer
This is a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to submit entries. I am willing to extend this in case anyone needs more time (please dm me if this is the case).
Just a note for anyone who didn't notice, the drawings comp deadlines were previously following CST. They are now on an Eastern Time schedule. My apologies to anybody thrown off by this change.

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