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Jun 17, 2009
This thought has been in my head for at least a year or two: Why doesn't Nintendo make it so that in the next TV-Console Zelda game, you can ride dragons?

Just imagine what that would be like! You'd be able to soar through the skies and reach places you haven't been before. You might even have to fight a boss while you're on a dragon!

Of course, you'd have to unlock the dragon after you've almost completely explored the game, but it'd still be awesome!
Oct 26, 2008
That would ruin the fun of being able to ride Epona like a true swordsman, Riding a Dragon would also make it to easy to get everywhere, All you would need to do is fly over to each city.

I am sorry, No, I don't think riding a dragon would work unless Hyrule was huge and by huge I mean atleast 20+ times bigger than it was in OoT or TP, If they did make a Zelda game like that then it would be fun to be able to ride a Dragon to get to places faster but not to be able to fight other Dragon riders. That woulld be to much like a few Fantasy books I have read.


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May 17, 2009
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I don't think Zelda needs to go that far into fantasy. Having a dragon here and there as bosses has proven to be amusing on its own, but I don't think riding one would really be a good idea. It's just... I dunno. It doesn't seem like it'd fit.


Sage of Tales
This is Hyrule, not Pern.

Though, I think a portion of dragon-riding might be amusing for some small bit - much like riding in the claws of the Twilit bird to get up to the Zora's Domain in TP - or for a minigame, much like that same bird in popping the balloons. Just one part of the game where you control a miniboss and make him fly you somewhere.

If this was going on for a full game.... well... I'd put Link on a gryphon. Why? I like gryphons and they're less common allies in fantasy stories. I have such a strong personal fetish for gryphons that I wrote an entire novel about one. So, that's just me and it's not something I actually need. (TP catered to so many personal whims of mine that I really don't need any more done! I already have my "perfect Zelda game" as far as personal silly fantasy-fetishes).


Aug 25, 2008
As already stated, it would make the traveling too easy and ruin the challenge of it, after all it IS half the battle of Zelda games. I do think Nintendo has neglected to have dragons play roles in the series though, we do get a few bosses here and there, but I want to see huge dragons just chasing you down in Hyrule Field.


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Oct 24, 2007
I agree, it would be pretty cool, but it doesn't really seem like the series' style. An open world Zelda, with dragons, would be very interesting, but Nintendo doesn't seem to like to add things that aren't necessary for the core gameplay or story elements. We're just paddling up a flowing stream with this one.
Jan 17, 2009
The Universe
Dragons sound more like fantasy-ish.
As a lot of people stated before, it would make travel to fast.
Dragons as bosses are OK... (Argorok (?spelling?) was cool) but riding one?
Not really good in my opinion.
Besides, who would want to replace good ol' Epona anyway? :D


Sep 15, 2008
It would be weirder than seeing Link in a train or a boat.

Fighting Dragons is cool, and we surely need more(Volvagia and Argorok aren't enough), but riding one would be too Dungeons and Dragons-ish to Zelda, imo
Nov 26, 2008
It doesn't really fit into the Zelda series in my opinion. The series isn't really about working alongside monsters and creatures as it is about fighting them.

Drastically inhuman creatures (as opposed to kind of human, likes Zoras and Gorons) are nearly always, if not always, portrayed as evil in the series.

I also don't think a flight system would fit in with the series' established gameplay. I'm not saying they shouldn't throw in twists, but I think flight would be too much. Perhaps a single boss fight or event where you ride a dragon could work, but even then I think it could be a little much.

I'm all for a boss fight against a dragon as you ride on top of it, though. In fact, that sounds kind of cool. :P


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Nov 11, 2008
I really like the reality fantasy that the Zelda series gives us. They have the perfect mix of fantasy while still making the game real. I think adding a dragon would ruin that and would be way too cliche.
May 18, 2009
I'd like to see a game that had some dragon-riding sequences. I do agree that having a dragon you could summon anytime like Epona would be a little much. Sure, they could solve the problem by putting the dragon toward the end of the game, but I hate when they do that. (Second set of gauntlets in OoT == most annoying example.)

Maybe they could have Epona transform into a dragon (or a pegasus or something) for a limited time, probably at a heavy Magic cost; something like WW's Deku Leaf. But I doubt it.


I'V THOUGHT THAT SAME THING!...ya I think it would be pretty cool, but they're such a big add to Zelda that they should not start out with a very big role in the game. The only problem is i don't see how something as big and strong as dragons could start out small:thinking::mastersword::mastersword:


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Jul 9, 2009
Los Angeles
I think riding a dragon would be okay if it was like something that was only for one dungeon (like all the occa in the castle in the sky in TP). Otherwise I agree with everyone else.

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