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Dragonball : Evolution.

Oct 18, 2007
First things first. If you are just going to bash the film without any real reasons then it might be best to stay out of this topic.

As for everyone else, what was your opinion on this film would you like a sequel?

Jan 3, 2009
I saw it. It ignored everything about dragonball. First of all, when Goku looks at the full moon, he doesn't transform into his Great Ape form. I also hated how Bulma had one strand of blue hair and how Piccolo doesn't look at all like a Namek. Also, I just want to know one simple thing; why does Goku, of the monstrous saiyan race, attend a public school? You can't tell me the one who is being trained to defend the Earth has to attend school! I don't think I want a sequel to this. They're just going to mess it up even more. And you know what's funny? I was probably the only one who predicted that this movie would suck. Why? Mario was made into a film. That was a huge flop. Pokemon (which is pretty sucky anyway) had 12 films. They all sucked. Street Fighter was made into a film. And what do you know: it wasn't good. Those were all popular franchises. If those three popular franchises sucked when they became a movie, it was no surprise that Dragon Ball would blow. No wait, scratch that. It didn't blow; it spewed anal grease from a dead rat that had rabies. I don't mean to be disgusting, I'm just describing what I think of this movie. It's a disappointment. That's what it is.

Bob Majinki

Deku Director
Feb 15, 2009
I saw this on the plane to Jordan.

I view the original Dragon Ball in a very high light because of how it influenced the future of anime. If you look at the opening animation (Makafushigi Adventure), the artwork is absolutely incredible, with the backgrounds painted in beautiful watercolor. The series began as the fun quest of the young boy Goku.

I had problems with this movie in comparison to the original and as a movie itself. I understand movies will make changes to the original story to make it work for film. I would normally be fine with this (cutting out the Emperor Pilaf saga and some of the fights in the tournament is fine by me), but this cut out everything and threw away the plot instead of reworking it.

I would have liked to see Goku as a young child, bearing his innocence. I would have liked to see Master Roshi be bald and have facial hair. I would have liked to see the Kame House be on an island way outside the city. The Nimbus cloud would have been nice as well.

Obviously you can't have everything from the original. I doubt that Oolong being a perv would have worked, but this had nothing from the original. I personally don't want a sequel since I don't think this movie merits one, from the perspective of a fan and from the perspective of the film community.


Not surprising that most people didn't like the movie...
Well I did like it to be honest ^^" I found it a rather fun movie to watch, I bought the DVD and I want the sequel!
No, I actually MEAN it!
Of course they changed almost everything, but I just see it as a more realistic version. That includes sending Goku to school. I mean at least he didn't loose his naive character completely and he got Chichi in the end. Be honest, in present times it would have been reeeeaaaallllllyyyyy unrealistic if Goku didn't know about beeing in love and so on (like the Goku in the Manga/Anime...how did he ever manage to produce 2 children???).
To start the story with Piccolo was a good choice, i think piccolo is the most popular 'enemy'... I also don't like the stories of Gokus childhood...to me it's not that important for the story as such. That he transformed without a tail isn't bad either!
You maybe know that Goku in the manga/anime looses his tail and the ability to transform into the great monkey. In the movie they just made it less complicated. It is after all just a movie, to tell the story behind the tail, and that something like that happened before would have just been a waste of time...
A sequel would be nice, I want to see how they make Piccolo turn into a good person.
In the end I have to say I am happy that you didn't say anything about Goku not being asian (or did I just skip that?) I mean yes, the Manga is japanese but they never mentioned anyone of the Manga to be asian or not. So I'm not mad that Roshi looks different. I thought Chow Yun Fat was a great choice and he would look odd with a beard...

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