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Dr Who, Anybody Like This Show?

Who is the Best Doctor?

  • William Hartnell

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  • Patrick Troughton

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  • Jon Pertwee

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  • Tom Baker

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  • Peter Davidson

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  • Colin Baker

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  • Sylvester McCoy

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  • Paul McGann

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  • Christopher Eccleston

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  • David Tennant

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  • Matt Smith

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May 20, 2012
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Aug 21, 2012
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I love Doctor Who! Though I didn't start watching it until a few months ago when my friend showed me Blink. I haven't yet watched all the episodes of the newer series yet, but once I finish them, Ill probably start the old ones.
Favorite Doctor: 11th, with 10th close behind
Favorite Assistant: Amy and Roary (the Roman!)
Favorite Enemy: Of course, the Daleks, and the Weeping Angels (click the spoiler in my sig xD)

Only 2 more months until the next new episode!!


I just started watching it a few weeks ago on Netflix, so I don't know all about it, but it seems pretty cool. I just finished The Hungry Earth, and I'm hoping that I can watch the next one soon! The Weeping Angels are totally the worst enemies I've seen so far...I was in this Garden store the other day and they had a stone angel that was reading a book, so it kinda looked like her face was in her hands, and I was really creeped out by it, ugh. They're just...creepy...


Sep 19, 2011
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Just another month till ze christmas special. It's going to be interesting, I hear the Doctors character may be a lot different now that the pons are gone.


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Jan 31, 2010
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I'm excited!!! I really am so excited about it!!! I can't stop watching everything Dr Who related. And what do you guys think of the audiobooks with the 8th Doctor Paul mcGann? On the cover he wears the famous ninth Doctor leather jacket. I so wish they would make him the next Doctor!!! After all he only appeared in a movie so i'm glad they finally did some justice to him
Doctor Who: I Don't Want to Go

This is for the Whovians out there.

Doctor who is a master-class in keeping a character alive while actors move on. Like Zelda, many fans have their favourite Doctor but its always sad when its over.

So, which Doctors did you cry over/were sad about when they left/regenerated?

Pertwee? McCoy? Eccleston maybe?
Will you be sad when Matt regens?

Have fun whovians <3
Aug 7, 2011
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I feel as if I should have been sadder when 9 died, but honestly, his regeneration was very anti-climatic. I remember being a little shocked, actually. It was a bit of a "That's it?" moment.

10, on the other hand... He had an amazing regeneration, and it was absolutely awful to see my favorite Doctor go on such a sad note. His transformation into 11 was a powerful way to end such a great portion of the show.
Dec 14, 2012
I haven't watched all of the new Who yet, but I've seen most of it. I'd have to say Ten, that had "emotional" written all over it. I don't dislike Eccleston or Matt, but I'm not as fond of them as I am Tennant. I really liked Rose. And now I know I'm going to <3 Clara! "It's smaller on the outside."
(Another neat thing I noticed was that he got to play the Tenth Doctor and his last name is Tennant.)
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Jun 18, 2011
I'm a recent whovian who was first introduced to Matt's Doctor, which quickly became my favorite. I didn't feel Nine's regeneration was sad, because he didn't seem too sad about it. And Ten's regeneration, I kinda felt for him, but at the same time I was excited that we were going to move on to Eleven. I will most definitely be sad to see Eleven go sometime in the future.

Truth be told I've so far been more sad about companions leaving than the Doctor having to regenerate. Donna's departure was uber-sad for me, same with the Ponds (Donna and Amy were my favorite companions). Rose's departure was sad, too, but I kinda got a bit caught up with the awful translation of "Bad Wolf Bay", lol ("Dårlig Ulv Stranden" is an awful attempt at making up a fictive Norwegian place name - we simply do not name places that way, also "Dårlig" means bad in terms of not being good enough, feeling ill or food items being past their expiration date, I think they'd be better off using "Farlig" (Dangerous) or "Slem" (Bad in terms of not being nice) - and "Stranden" means "the beach", our word for "Bay" is "Bukt"). Martha's departure was kinda an empowering one for the character, someone choosing to go because what the Doctor is willing to offer her is not enough for her.

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I grew up with David Tennant as my Doctor, so that last episode was incredibly heartbreaking for me. Not only did we see the Doctor as a character reluctant to move on, but you could also see it in Tennant's eyes as well. He was practically born to be the doctor, and he made it his life mission to be the doctor, and he was really, really reluctant to pass on the torch. I'm loving the new guy as well, but Tennant will always have a special place in my heart.

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