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Twilight Princess Double Clawshot: Good or Bad?


Jul 26, 2010
I liked it. It was certainly more fun then the Long Shot. Your right, It was not that creative though, but I enjoyed it.


Hylian Thief
Jul 16, 2010
It's a secret to everybody
Well, creative? Not really, but I did have fun with it.
I mean, getting to swing around like Spiderman was kinda cool in my eyes, but I can see how other people might see it as just laziness.


...No your other left
Jun 13, 2010
Missouri, USA
I love the double clawshot, it always felt origional when I used them. Even if it wasn't the most origional idea, It was nice to see.

Zelda Freak

A Freak who likes Zelda
Jan 18, 2009
If you have the GCN version of TP and a GCN AR, then yes, Double Clawshot was fun. Best idea ever, and creative.


Jan 31, 2008
Amherst, MA
Didn't I already answer this one?
It may have not been very creative, but just think about it. The hookshot/longshot/clawshot/whatever else they may call it sometime in the future had been a very common item in the Zelda games. They were bound to put it in TP, and they thought they'd add a little twist to it. Instead of just adding the longshot, which could be used to reach farther away targets just as the double clawshot could do with multiple targets, they added in the double clawshot. With the double clawshot they made new possibilities. They were able to do what the longshot could do and more. It was most certainly a very good idea and an excellent addition to the game, even if it wasn't the most original idea.

Hero Of Spirits

Champion of Cyrodiil
Feb 25, 2010
Cyrodiil, Tamriel
I found it an okay tool to use. A single Clawshot to use by itself in TP was a bit of a challenge, but required more thought of when to hook, where to latch onto, etc. Because with only one, your mobility is limited. When I found the second one, I had a ball latching from place to place. But, as some of you have said, Nintendo could've came up with something more creative for the final dungeon before Hyrule Castle. Never the less, it was fun to use.

February Eve

ZD District Attorney
Mar 21, 2010
I think it was an excellent idea, though I think one thing could have made it better: Rock climbing. Sure, we used it on some surfaces, and I like what we had. But one of my favorite bits of Minish cap was being able to actually climb up the mountain. A double clawshot would have been perfect for a 3D version of that. It would also expanded TP's world upward.

Anyway, just wishful thinking. As is, I still think it was a great way to add a twist to a classic item while at the same time keeping it in recognizable form.
Oct 26, 2008
Sure, you could be lazy with your thinking and just think that it's lazy of Nintendo to just add a second Clawshot in the City in the Sky, but you aren't thinking about how they were creative in opening up much more options with the Clawshot than they did in the past games with the Hookshot to Langshot translation (or any other name it was given). It allows you you to move by grappling from target to target, and not just to one target.

I think that the Double Clawshot was one of the best things in Twilight Princess, once I had it I alway kept it attached to my B button when another item wasn't needed because it was used the most and was so god damn helpful in the game, it was the same with just the Clawshot to. I loved this item overall, and I think it was an excellent idea, especially with what it allowed us to do in the City in the Sky.
Jul 14, 2010
I think it was one of the best items in the game other then the best of all time the bow but i found it fun and clever i bet knowone thought of having two clawshots/hookshots it makes the game funner and makes a good item to get through the dungeon with one the sky temple would be boring and way too easy.

Alex Arbiter

That Random Guy
Aug 4, 2010
Double Clawshots were really genius. it might not be all that original but its still one of the more fun items
Sep 1, 2009
As you said, it wasn't very creative. Although I did like the idea, it was not very creative.. It's basically the "Longshot", not very creative but still cool.

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