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Dollhouse mafia: Did that thing just stare back?!

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Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
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You may be right on that; however, given that there seems to be a very prominent focus on the puppet master role, it could very well be possible that no alignment harbors a killing role, whether vigilante or mafia kill. Come to think of it, I may have misread Jamie's post:

Well it's all speculation, but even with a unique flavor I'd expect the mafia to still retain a base level faction kill.

The randomized scenario potentially indicates at the mafia also receiving a chance at the reins of puppet master. If the mafia had their nightly kill function in conjunction with the former skill, the balance of the game may seem unbalanced.

This also seems very possible and obviously this option is the least favorable.

Viral Maze

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Feb 5, 2010
I'm actually not sure a nightly kill is even present for the mafia, since kokirion also mentioned that the mafia is rendered vanilla as well. The puppet master seems to be the only one able to act in this scenario regarding kills.

Well it's all speculation, but even with a unique flavor I'd expect the mafia to still retain a base level faction kill.

Its useless to guess this early, but I find myself agreeing with Johnnu. We'll just have to wait and see, however, how the night phase plays out (Days, in terms of flavour).
In general, I agree with ALIT below:
I would rather not the puppet master holster early if they are town, but if they are really unsure of themselves, that's fine.
I think if the Mafia lack a factional kill, this kill is especially important early on. If the Mafia can kill, then its still important but just a little less so.

From what i gather from the OP:
-person at random gets chosen to be God
-God says this person kills this person and this person defends this person
-results may vary depending on what the person can do.

Lets say for example:
Viral is Puppetmaster. He suspects Deku of being scum so he sends Jamie to kill him. But he wants to be safe in case of bull****tery so he gets L74 to protect him.

Close. The puppet master chooses a kill target for the current night phase, and the defend target for the next night phase.

Vote: Storm

How do you feel now, 3 games into ZD mafia? Do you feel a bit more experienced, and more comfortable?


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Sep 10, 2011
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Jul 30, 2010
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Vote Tally
Mido - 1 (Cthulhu)

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A Link in Time, Johnny Sooshi, Linkdude74, Mido, Viral Maze, Storm, Jamie, Dekunut

With 9 possessed dolls, it take 5 votes to hammer.
Night 1 ends at Thursday 2 June, 12:00 CEST



My apologies. I made a small error regarding my last update (When there is a chance that the game will be finished in the consecutive day (night in mafia terms), no puppet master will be chosen. This is an indication of lylo or pre-lylo.):

instead it will be: When the mafia will be able to finish the game at night, no puppet master will be chosen. However, this does not include the lynch beforehand. When the puppet master is chosen at night, and the mafia could then win the game by lynching that night+killing through being the puppet master, this will be allowed. Only in case of lylo will there be no puppet master.

The reason for this change is to re-balance it. Originally, this game was designed so that there would not be a puppet master if any side could achieve victory in that night. As to not decide the game by random (by whichever side randomly got to be the puppet master that night). However, I figured now that as soon as only 1 mafia member may be left (even if there would still be like 6 townies left) it is theoretically already lylo for the mafia. Hence I removed this rule for the mafia, it is not necessary for them because townies do not know who other townies are, they can still kill the wrong player, as opposed to the mafia.

The problem is fixed with this new rule. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think it is better to make a small adjustment at the start of day 1 compared to having it affecting endgame.
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