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Does Zelda Deserve to Be More Well-known/popular/"mainstream"?



Should Zelda be more mainstream? No. Most mainstream things suck. For example: Justin Beeber, Lady Gaga, Nicky Minage, Brittaney Speares, the girl who sings that Friday song, the girl who sings that Call me Maybe song, John Cena, Kane West, Snooky and everyone else from Jersey Shore, Jersey Shore, MTV, etc, etc.

Everything that's mainstream is constantly in your face and extremely overexposed. I'd rather not have my favorite videogame series overexposed and in your face and horrible like the call me maybe girl and the song.
Zelda is all of those things which this thread mentions; however, if Nintendo were to make future games like OoT and TP (mature-ish, semi-realistic artstyle) the franchise would have greater majority appeal and stay in the public eye for a lot longer instead of having so much down time between installments.


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Dec 16, 2011
In my eyes, Zelda is hugely mainstream/popular. When Skyward Sword came out, everyone knew about it. The only reason people would think otherwise, is that it's only on Nintendo consoles, but that's irrelevant.


Feb 24, 2010
Zelda is pretty mainstream. I think you're mixing two different kinds of pop culture here though. Video games for the most part won't reach the same level of exposure that pop music will.

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