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Does Ganondorf Pay His Minions?


has eaten a boulder!
Sep 2, 2011
Zora cape, Termina.
i can imagine payday.

Bokoblin: hah! i go in line first! now ig et to get my 20 rupee daily pay!
Bokoblin 2: but u only worked 1 day this week!
Bokoblin 1: eh? i;ve been patrolling hyurle field all week!
Bokoblin 2 : whatever. now just grab your rupees and stop holding up the line!
Iron Knuckle: MONEY! NOW! GIVE! OR DIE!
Bokoblins: gulp.
Dodongo: gah whats with ganon and his smoke machines. i dislike smoke you know.
Twinrova: wheres da cash sonny?
ChuChu: Gloomp! i need cash so i can buy stuff to put in my stomach, gloomp!
Chu: gloomp! i need cash to make myself nutritious for link so he can drink me when he kills me, Gloomp!
ChuChuChu: wait, i dont exist!
Darknut: This is what i get for putting on the armour on payday...*stares at everyone in front of him*

you are here.
KEY:.=80 people/monsters.

Redead: mm... who need payday, when you can just eat the stuff waiting in line? hmm... should i take the chu, or maybe try to grab an ironknuckle..?
Link: wait, why am i here?
Zelda: you'll never get away with paying your soldiers for doing dishonest work!
Stalfos: Anyone know where my little cojiro is?
DigDogger: ugh, what is with ganon and his creepy music? i dislike certain kinds of sound you know!

I'll stop right there, it just gets more chaotic by the second!
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Howling Wind

I love your post. Especially the one about Digdogger! I <3 Zelda 1 ^^


has eaten a boulder!
Sep 2, 2011
Zora cape, Termina.
Payday: Act 2.

Darknut: hah, now im first in line, this time i ditched the armour!
Miniblin army: YOU! fight for line priveliges, NOW!
Darknut: gulp.
Chu: Gloomp! more cash for more stuff to make myself more nutritious for link! Gloomp!
Deku: boy, my deku nut supply is runnign low. does link understand how hard it is to shove all those nuts into your mouth? and all he does is reflect it!
Anubis: bleep! payday! Bleep! prepared to fight for line priveliges, Bleep!
Navi: i feed link misinformation for cash!
Gibdo: my redead friend told me what feast it is during payday! the anubis looks good, but that fairy makes for a great snack....
Link: what am i doing here?
Zelda: youll never get away with paying your soldiers for doing honest work either, ganon!
Cuccoos: i get payed for called my cucoo friends on link!
Lizalfos: heh, im goina to quickly grab rupees, then run to the back of the line for double payment!
Lizalfos 2: hey, thats my plan!
Lizalfos 1: shut up twin! u have 1 hour seniority over me so i should...oh. DANG IT!
Lizalfos 2: haha. i love being older.
Lizalfos 1: lets go steal it now!

Lizalfos 3: whistle
Dinalfos: hey, you alreayd got cash!
Lizalfos 3: no!
Dinalfos: i saaw you with the cash! go leave!
Dinalfos 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10: YEAH!
Lizalfos: i hate being a triplet...
Bongo Bongo: bon-go drum! bon-go drum!
Bokoblin: stop that! your making all the cash shake out!
Sakon: this is what i get for prancing to ganons castle...

You are here.
KEY: -=100 people/monsters

Manhandla: curse link and his bombs! lets see how he does, when i buy a BOMB PROOF SUIT! best of all, it'll only take 102938 more paydays! (im a brainiac at math!)
George Lucas: OK! thats a wrap! wait, where am i...?
Everybody: Stare.
George: oops, im in the wrong video game! i should be in star wars 7! cya guys! ehehe..! *scream*
Everybody: ...

Im gonna stop right here. it was a little redundant.
ChuChuChu: wait, i dont exist!
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Businessman of Legend
Apr 1, 2009
I would think that his minions are probably too afraid to even ask for pay. Even his toughest lackeys probably tremble in fear at the sound of his name.


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
Well I think he does pay them. There is no way that every enemy in Ocarina of Time has a purple rupee unless they are payed. You get the purple rupee by killing things with a light arrow btw


The Juror of Courage
Oct 25, 2009
Wherever the winds take me.
I don't think he pays them. Many of his minions (Phantom Ganon, ReDead, etc) are created by him though spells and incantations, and thus don't require pay. Others likely work out of fear and/or the reward of pillaging. Their pay is what they get from who they kill. Others, like Helmasaurs, Moldorms, and Leevers, are more territorial animalistic in nature and have no need for pay. Some, more likely Moblins, Darknuts, and Wizzrobes, may get paid on a military-like commission, as they work as his soldiers.
Nov 22, 2010
Twisted Tea Cafe
Ganon: To pay or not to pay? hmmm....

Gerudo: Oh please pay me I am starving and I am weak...

Ganon: hmmm....

Link: Just pay the poor women!

Ganon: Fine! Fine! Alright! Alright!
you get two Rupees! Now get out of here before I change my mind!

Act 2
Iron Knuckle: I demand pay!

Ganon: You demand pay do you?

Iron Knuckle: I want it now!

Ganon: How dare you demand pay from your one and only lord! I will send you to the gap between dimensions!

Happy mask Salesman: You have met with a terrible fate haven't you?

Sorry lithanium I could not help myself! XD

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