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Does anyone know how to play Four Swords?

Oct 8, 2020
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Does anyone know how to play any of the Four Swords games in multiplayer without paying the ridiculous amount of money required for GBAs, games, and link cables? I don't care if it's the original, either of the Anniversary re-releases, or Adventures for the Gamecube. I've tried way too many times to count to try and play this game with other people, and nothing seems to work. The one caveat is that I'm not willing to hack anything. Emulation is fine, even preferred, but I'm not going to hack any of my systems.


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First I think it’s important to note that four swords and four swords adventures are 2 separate games.

If you want to play four swords than I recommend emulating the anniversary edition as it doesn’t require having a second player to play (or if you’re willing to shell out enough money to get a DSI that had four swords downloaded on it before the DSI shop closed that works too, just be aware that completely resetting the console will get rid of the game as well, which is why I have the DSI of some 8-year old named Deigo).

For Four Swords Adventures I’d recommend simply playing on original hardware as it also doesn’t require a second player, and you only need the GameCube and a regular controller.

If you simply have to play with friends than that’s gonna be an issue unless you’re willing to pay a decent sum, as using a link cable on emulation is incredibly finicky, to the point where I haven’t even been able to successfully do it. Four swords itself barely works on the original GBA, so playing that with friends is pretty much impossible unless you want two buy TWO whole DSIs off of eBay.

FSA is a bit easier as you only really need the game itself, 2 cables (which are pretty cheap all things considered), and two GBAs. Any model of GBA will work except the Game Boy Micro, and honestly that’s the only way I’ve been able to play either four swords game with friends.

It’s not cheap at all, so I really recommend against playing unless you’re a collector like me. But if you just wanna play by yourself it should be fine.


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May 5, 2012
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original FS: nah, you're gonna have to need at least two gba's, two games of link to the past, and a link cable
alternatively, an everdrive w/ a link to the past rom can work too, but an everdrive is a whole other beast

FS anniversary: unless you know someone who has it on their DS/3ds in which you can download play, this is just not an option

FSA: if you don't want to softmod a wii, then you just flat out need the disc and original hardware, meaning at least two gbas and two gba-to-gamecube link cables

I don't understand why nintendo never put out a four swords w/ just a normal means of multiplayer, but yeah, these are your options
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Dec 26, 2017
DSI emulation is pretty terrible so forget about the anniversary collection. Sadly its by far the best way to play the game.
GBA emulation Link play is an option I guess? never tried it.
I played FSA through emulation with someone. Requires some setting up, and Dolphin, but once you get it working its nice.

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