Does 2017 appeal to you more as a gamer?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Spirit, Jan 11, 2017.

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    We got a lot of big titles in 2016, sure a lot of people were 'meh' about most of them like The Division, Homefront, Far Cry Primal, CoD and Titanfall 2 but Dishonored 2, Forza Horizon 3, Dark Souls 3 and Uncharted 4 pulled the year up for many.

    Personally 2016 had very little that appealled to me, so much so that i couldnt even make a top 5 release list of games i enjoyed.

    2017 however seems to have a lot more going for it for me personally as a gamer. Gravity Rush 2 and Tales of Berseria are kicking off the year strong by releasing in Jan, then i have Nioh, Nier Automata and Dragon Quest 11 to look forward to. Plus 2017 will also most likely be known as the year of the Switch if Nintendo manage to knock it out of the park...

    So, does 2017 appeal more to your gaming tastes than 2016 did with its grim dark and serious shooters?
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  2. 2016 had FF15 and Deus Ex Mankind divided. I actually didn't really get that into Deus Ex in the end but FF15 on the other hand has kept me captivated.

    2017 has BoTW which I am kind of excited for but not in the way I was for FF15. If a game is to top FF in 2017 for me then BoTW is going to be that title and is the only serious contender. Problem is it looks to be the game SS should have been back in 2011 and therefore seems to be too late for a lot of the features (whilst new to Zelda) to have surfaced in the franchise. There are a lot of features in one place which haven't been combined before but ultimately we have experienced the mechanics in some form when playing other games. Therefore there I am not sure there will be that feeling of something new. It is going to have to be the storytelling and rich lore which makes it the game to beat out FF and considering past entries it could end up as just another Ganon is evil and must be killed kind of plot.
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    I played one new game last year, and that was Salt and Sanctuary, so suffice it to say that 2017 is looking better for me by default. That's not to say no games appealed to me last year, but not enough. I really want to try FFXV and Deus Ex, of course, but I'm holding out in hopes they come out for Switch.

    In reality, BoTW is the only game I'm looking forward to hardcore this year. There are a lot of known unknowns, obviously, since we know nothing about the Switch game library, so I'm mostly referring to things we do know.
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    nothing has released yet, there's no way you can say this year appeals to you because it hasn't even started yet lol
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    Does it appeal to me? Well... the lineup looks ... something?

    Look, 2016 sucked for games okay? There wasn't even the horrendous mass of abject failures of 2013 - though it certainly had its fair share - there was just... nothing.

    And that's where the business is at right now. I saw it coming years ago. 2017 is the year video games have to get their $h!t together.
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    I amend my previous answer to say: HELL YES. Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade 2 alone made the Switch practically worth it for me.