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Do Zelda Games Ever Get Old for You?


~The Wolf~
May 1, 2010
Hello forum,
Seventh Hierarch here,
Pretty simply one this time around. Do you get tired of your Zelda games? To anser my own question, yes and no. If I play non stop, yes, but I will always get interested and re-play.

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May 26, 2010
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Yes, they do sometimes get old to me. The only reason is because I DON'T have Collector's Edition. Having four Zelda games (5 if counting MQ) that you KNOW how to beat (except MQ) isn't really "new". If I had CE, I could waste my life playing MM again.


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Nov 8, 2009
Washington, USA
Well No and a little bit yes. When I get bored of a zelda game the reason is most likely that I got stuck in it and can't figure out what to so I turn the game off(I could've just went to ZD and read how to get through that part,but I'm to lazy to do that because I would have to skim,but if I skim I might miss something.Nevermind).Anyway I haven't been playing Zelda in a while. I usually don't get bored of Zelda games.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Nope, not at all :P For instance I played TP like 4 times in a row. I beated it for the first time, restarted it and beated it again and kept on doing this. And the same with other Zelda games like OoT. I can play them over and over and over again


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Yes and No.

When I was 4, I played my first Zelda game and demanded more Zelda games to play. I was so obsessed with them, that I once skipped one day of preschool (or maybe it was kindergarten) to play Wind Waker. (My mom knew, but she couldn't drive me to school because she was sick and my dad already left for work, and my preschool was about a mile form my house, so I couldn't walk there)

But I after I beat Ocarina of Time (age 8) , I realized I was too obsessed with video games and I decided to take a break from video games and concentrate on my social life. It was a phase that went on for about 2 years.

Then a few days after my 10th birthday. I saw my brother playing Twilight Princess and asked if I could play. He said "Go **** yourself. I'm busy" so when he was in the bathroom, I stole the wii mote and played for him. I got addicted again and played that game for 2 hours straight!

So now, I still love LoZ. I bought Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass after that and beat it over and over again. The only game I didn't beat so far that I own, is Twilight Princess. Even when I'm apart from LoZ games, I'll always be a Zeldork!


Dec 3, 2008
I get bored with Zelda games just as easier as I get bored with most other games, sometimes more so. For example, I still haven't beat the final boss of Spirit Tracks because I just got really bored of it. I would rather play something like Pokemon Heart Gold or Super Mario Galaxy 2. Zelda games do not have any special place over other games when it comes to how quickly I get bored of them.

One other thing with me is that it takes me a very long time to play a long and engrossing game like Zelda or Final Fantasy. More often then not I will choose to play something like Team Fortress 2 or Super Mario Galaxy 2 where I can just play one or two rounds, or just one or two levels. I don't like sitting down and playing for very long periods of time.

So yeah, my final answer is yes. Easily.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
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Depends. The older games, not so much. Link's Awakening, while one of my favorites, gets old fast. Same with TAoL. But then there are games ALttP and TWW that I never, ever get bored of. I think one of the most addicting was OoX. I'd get bored of it after a while, but I had this overwhelming urge to collect rings, so I'd force myself to continue playing. And then there are games like PH and ST that I can only get through twice before I think I'll never play them again. For me, it really varies, and I've found that my interests are constantly changing.

For example, I was able to play OoT over and over and over and not get bored of it... but now, I don't even want to bother picking it up. *shrug* Like I said, it depends.


nine thousand and one.
Jun 15, 2010
Perhaps this is just my young age talking, but I tend to get bored of the older games (S/NES... I can never find any motivation to play AoL despite the fact I have a looooong way to go, and I've given up on ALttP so many times it's not even funny. still love them like crazy though) a lot easier than with anything made after OoT, minus the hand-held games since I could never really get into those for some reason (spirit tracks. my god. whyyy). But still, Twilight Princess is probably my least favorite of the modern games yet I still insist on replaying it every so often and right now I'm playing MM again for like the...Fifth time? Yeahh. Something like that, haha.

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Mar 21, 2010
Depending on how you define it, not really. I have or will replay all of them eventually. I don't usually like to do back-to-back replays, though, for the fact that I want to give myself a chance to "unlearn" some of the tricks. Oh, but I've played mainly the non-handheld games, so I can't compare.

I do tend to grow tired of the older 2D games a little quicker, though I'm also marginally better at them. Maybe I have to give up one to get the other. *g*
Oct 31, 2009
I got extremely bored with Spirit Tracks. I found the dungeons to be too easy and the train didn't do much more me. I haven't even finished it yet because I don't have any interest in it. This is odd for me, because I've played through all the other games.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
Depends on the game really. I can find myself playing and completely interested in Oracle of Ages and Seasons, Link's Awakening, Wind Waker, Adventure of Link, and Majora's Mask at any given time. Others, such as Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, and A Link to the Past, I have to really be in the mood to play them. Then you have titles like Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks, which are alright games, but I have beaten them once and only once since they weren't really special or memorable enough for me to get attached to.. Phantom Hourglass and Minish Cap were games that I just did not enjoy hardly at all. I've beaten them both but I'm pretty certain that I won't play them again.


Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Jun 2, 2009
Eh, for me it depends on which game it is. Most Zelda games I can find myself wanting to play them over and over again even after I've beaten them a few times, but there are a few that just don't pique my interest enough to play them for a second time or even in extremely rare cases, actually beat the game the first time around.

Just like I said before, for me, it all depends on which game it is.
Apr 5, 2008
Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
Actually, now that you mention it, yeah. Zelda Games do get old.

One thing that Brandon always complained about was that he was sick of Link's Awakening after redoing all the guides for it (which I understand, I kind of left Legend of Zelda stranded, incomplete, and I still hate it) I used to play Ocarina of Time nonstop and loved the game. Now, about 10 years later, I hate the game. I sometimes am bored and I think "Hmm ... how about I play Ocarina of Time?" and it's just one of those ideas that I shove off with a "nah" as the game doesn't provide as much fun as it used to. Really, once you've played through a game and exhausted all of its secrets, nothing is surprising for you anymore, and the game loses its appeal. Games with depth really don't have that loss, as even when you're bored with the game, you can go around and talk with all the members of the town. Everything's moving, everyone's doing something, as opposed to say Ocarina of Time where they just stand in the same place saying the same thing all day. One of the big reasons why I still love Majora's Mask.

There are some games, where I play it once, and don't bother at all to go and look for the small secrets. Some games I don't even bother to complete. The DS titles were big victims for me. I never properly finished Phantom Hourglass (although, I blame poor battery life, I kept getting to the end of the game, the DS died and I find myself two dungeons back, not interested enough to redo them) Spirit Tracks is the same thing. It's a full game, but I got to the end of the Fire Realm and I just got sick and tired of the Tower of Spirits and just gave up. Twilight Princess I at least finished, but I don't want to go look for all the Poe Souls and golden bugs and the like, as I just don't really see a point.

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