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Do You Want the Realistic Zelda Tech Demo?

Nov 29, 2011
Nintendo showed that demo to see what Zelda's graphics would look like on the Wii U. It would be foolish and downright disappointing to have the next Zelda game's graphics not look like that but look cartoony. It would make Nintendo look really bad if they pulled a stunt like that.

But ya I would like to see the next Zelda game's graphics look just like that from the demo.
I'm sure we'll see a game with the non-cel shaded graphics in the future. Though is it just me or does Link not look right in that tech demo, he looks really top heavy and his legs are all spindly... i know we wont see that Link ever again but it was just something i noticed.


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Dec 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada
Testing Zelda out in HD would be a brand new thing to add to the series, and this may help increase purchases. Also, is Nintendo pulls a Wind Waker on us again it wont be as bad as last tine because now most people like that cel-shaded style.
May 22, 2012
The tech demo looked awesome. If they decided to go with these graphics, I don't think anyone would be upset. This is how I would have invisioned Twilight Princess looking like on more powerful hardware.
Feb 1, 2012
I would love for the next game to have the graphic/realistic artstyle of the demo. Just from seeing the demo, if they made an entire game like that it would be incredible.


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Mar 22, 2012
A Distant Nebula
I was disappointed with the step backwards that Skyward Sword took, so when I saw the tech demo for Zelda Wii U, I was stoked! If The Legend of Zelda doesn't follow this artsyle or a similar one for the Wii U, I will be sorely disappointed. Some people say that having realistic graphics, limits the magical possibilities for the Zelda series, but I think that this kind of negative thinking is just false in its entirety. More fans enjoy realistic graphics, and this allows Nintendo to expand its audience for Zelda. I think it would also allow new things in the series, while allowing the creators to take a new look at some old enemies and characters. I loved how TP reinvinted so many of the classic enemies of Zelda, while still staying true to the classic feel of them. Also, with the realistic element, players can relate more to the characters, because the players don't feel like they are watching a kids cartoon. Sure a cat chasing a mouse and running into a light socket is great and all, and a "wiley" coyote falling off a cliff because he got bamboozled by a fast bird is awesome, but with realistic elements, things like magic can actually be magical. If you were a science fanatic like me, you would understand that even in the real world, there are things that look like they are defying the natural laws of physics. These types of things are so awesome because you thought that they could only exist in a cat, mouse, coyote, and roderunner type of world. Seeing something like that is what truely bewilders and amazes me, and this is why TP is my favorite Zelda game and fifth favorite video game (to MW3, Black Ops, Halo Reach, MW2). If Nintendo could truely hone in on an awesome connection between reality and magic and make it work, Zelda Wii U could surpass any Zelda game before it. And of coarse there is always the added bonus of realistic and therefore, possibly attractive characters. ;)


I would prefer the tech demo graphics. Other people have pointed out really good reasons such as utilizing and showcasing the ability of the new hardware. But it is also just my personal preference to have more realistic graphics. When TP came out with the more realistic graphics I HAD to have that game IMMEDIATELY, and bought a new console specifically so I could play zelda. I thought, finally a zelda game making a step in the right graphical direction (in my opinion). But with the other cartoon-y looking games I do not have the same MUST HAVE impulse. I don't feel as drawn to them or even as immersed in them while playing.
Oct 15, 2013
San Diego
I thought the graphics looked great and wouldn't mind them to stay in the new game, but the colors have got to be brighter than that. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't do well with dark graphics. I had the hardest time watching the last few Harry Potter movies because the gels were so dark I couldn't see a darn thing and they actually gave me eyestrain. I'm now experiencing the same problem with Twilight Princess. It's all done in these faded leaf greens/browns/dark shadowy colors. It's reminding me of that mediocre MirrorMask movie, actually, the one that was a blatant ripoff of Labyrinth. I can never see where I'm going, I get lost and run around in circles, and I'm sure this means I'm not a very good gamer because other people said this game was easy. I'm finding it hard just to see where I'm going. The wolf Link/Twilight realm sections can be pure torture. As much as I want to enjoy the game, it's not nearly as fun for me so far as Skyward Sword was (I finished this one first). I don't want these boring muddy colors in the new game. The tech demo looks like it's modeling itself directly after Twilight Princess. It might be less realistic, but I'd rather see Skyward Sword colors and more cartoony graphics for the sake of visual clarity.


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
Well it's not realistic, it's heavily stylised, but is more realistic than SS. I definitely want the next zelda to look like that or similar. I think it would fit Zelda very well especially for a title that is designed to have mass appeal. Wii U is for everyone and most seem to like these kind of art styles so it would probably be the best choice for business. But when it comes down to it, that art style is what I personally want and would want whether it was appealing to the masses or not.


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Oct 20, 2007
I really liked the way the tech demo looked, and I think that's the route zelda should take in style. But that's just my opinion. I'd love to play a zelda game that looks like that.

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