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Do you think we'll ever see Ganondorf again?

Jun 21, 2016
Leeds, England.
I was happy to see Ganon return in Breath of the Wild (as he is, after all, the main antagonist of the series). But what about his human form? What about Ganondorf? Ganon himself may be more iconic, but I've always preferred the Gerudo man to the rampaging boar. We were spoiled with him back in the 90's through to the mid 00's, but could that be it for Ganondorf now? It seems to me like the powers that be are stepping away from Ganondorf the man, embracing the raw power and pure malice of Ganon instead. In terms of the story, I don't really see how Ganondorf can come back. Breath of the Wild actually stresses that he's given up on reincarnation, opting to remain as Ganon instead. Of course, different timelines, etc, could change all that.

So, what do you think? Who do you prefer, Ganondorf or Ganon? And will we ever see Ganondorf again?
I prefer Ganondorf since he has reason and personality rather than Ganon which is just hatred and malice incarnate.

Other versions of Ganon were okay but ive always preferred the Dorf since he appeared in OoT with WW Dorf being my favourite.

Calamity was a nice change but i think if Nintendo are gonna keep Ganon going then they'll need to bring Ganondorf back in other games. We'll definitely see him again.

Would be nice to see Dorf in the next 2d Zelda. I dont thinn he has ever been in one. Mature Link too that'd also be good.
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Feb 7, 2014
Both of them will definitely sit out the DLC and maybe the next game or two, but Pig Ganon needs to be dropped altogether, BOTW just proves he'll always be lame IMO.

As for Ganondorf, I really hope he comes back in all his OoT glory at some point, definitely with the Metallica shirt too.


Oct 24, 2012
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Honestly, I doubt it. Ninty is lazy and their treatment of The Dorf is indicative of their laziness.

So long as ninty wants to satisfy their laziness by appealing exclusively to ages three and up we'll never see Ganondorf again. He's too complex. And he has a face and it looks mean and scary. Ninty isn't even ok with anthropromorphic pig monsters being their arch villains anymore, they have to reduce their antagonists to literally faceless villains. Seriously, Link fights clouds now.

Their contempt and disregard for Ganondorf was apparent in suckward sword. I knew then that ninty has murdered ganondorf. Ganondorf forces them to think way too hard about story and character and scenario. Nintendo had a challenging enough time as it is fashioning BotW's open world.


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Jul 6, 2011
I prefer the Dorf. He is my favourite villain. Not just in Zelda but ever. A faceless or monster villain will never be as intimidating or compelling as a humanoid one and in every Zelda game they dont use Ganondorf the main villain is always average at best or at worst just complete and utter ****.

Nintendo have become too lazy to make particularly compelling characters and develop them at all now and have always been somewhat lazy in that regard.

We probably will see Ganondorf again. His hyrule warriors reveal trailer was the most popular character reveal trailer of all. He has a fanbase which Nintendo will likely cater to. However as I said in my thread Ganondorf is being made into a humanoid avatar of Ganon, not a man who became a monster but a monster dressed up as a man. So dont expect any motivation for his actions other than he's evil and that's what evil does.
I guess I was alone here but I had actually been waiting a long time for a game with Ganon by himself instead of Ganondorf (with his obligatory tranformation into Ganon). I always preferred Ganon to Ganondorf, though him as a mindless entity should be only used in moderation. I liked his execution in BotW, though, but that has to be a one-time thing because I can't see that being pulled off again.

I'm sure we'll see Ganondorf again in some way or another at some point, but it's always worrisome because Nintendo took a massive **** on him in SS so I'm not sure I want to see them ruin him more with an actual canon portrayal of him post-DEMISE. But, anyway, BotW was pretty obviously trying to pay a lot of homage to the original game, so that's probably why they went for solo Ganon.

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