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Do you think Skyward Sword will always be the first game in the official timeline?


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Not that I care about the timeline (anymore) but I often wonder if Skyward Sword will always be the first game in the official timeline.

There is a non-canon manga in the Hyrule Historia which shows us how easy it would be to have a story which predates Skyward Sword's.

With BotW's huge jump forward, is it really so out of the question to assume Aonuma could jump the other way before Skyward Sword?

Would you like to see a story before Skyward Sword?
Mar 18, 2019
I think it will, as SS was made to be the first game and not just any prequel. The furthest to the beginning that I can see them making is just after SS, with the creation of hyrule or even the war that takes place before Minish cap, one where you can play as the hero of men.
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Oct 18, 2011
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Possibly. However they established that there was an ancient society predating Hyrule that apparently had a pretty lengthy history of its own. So I won't say there is no possibility of a game before Skyward Sword. Matter of fact, there was a portion on yhe game that is open to interpretation that I plan to make a thread about because it's been on my mind awhile.

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