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Breath of the Wild Do You Think Rupee Exchange Should Return?

Discussion on TLOZ Breath of the Wild
First, let me explain what I mean by "rupee exchange". I've been playing the original Legend of Zelda lately, and the way the bow works in that game brought this question about. In LoZ, each arrow uses up one rupee (If I'm right, this type of process is called equivalent exchange). As long as you have rupees, you have arrows. So, by "rupee exchange", I mean using rupees to fuel items.

Rupees have had various degrees of usefulness from game to game, ranging from totally inconsequential to constantly in use. Recently, rupees seem to have become less important with so few things that are necessary to buy (I'm going off of personal experience. I never buy any kind of potions, I just use fairies). Some of the games deal with this by raising the prices to outrageous sums (namely Wind Waker). The only time I've ever used a vast amount of rupees, they did something more than just net me a new item, they made the item work.

So, do you think the feature of using rupees to fuel your items (Ex: rupees-> arrows, rupees-> Magic Armour) should return?
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Rupees fueling ammunition for items...hmm, I don't like the idea of having rupees as the functioning ammo for your bow, but for other things like Magic Armor and other "magic" based armours, I would love to see Rupees return as an option for 'ammunition'. I would think the option thing would be optimal if you had a situation where you were on your last leg against the final boss, but it required the use of a magic weapon (stereotypical Light/Silver arrows anyone?). Then, you could put "rupee mode" on your invici-armor but still use magical weapons to your benefit...and your winning the Credits theme, of course.

So I may be looking at rupees -> ammunition in a particularly negative light. I currently don't want it to come back int he way the original LoZ presented it, but there are kinks I have to work out there. :)


Jan 10, 2011
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No, I don't. It's a very cheap way of designing currency use, and it makes the developers look lazy (in my eyes, anyway). Good currency use is like that of Skyward Sword -- seriously, it is, I'm not saying that just because I like the game -- where players are provided just the right amount of money to purchase what they need at specific points in the game so that they never have too much or too little money. Which is exactly what SS did.

So, again, no. Cheap use of currency is never the way to go.

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Feb 6, 2010
I don't mind it so long as it is used correctly. In SS, there would be no need for a system like this. It would might actually frustrate players. However, in TP with the Golden Armor, I found it interesting. TP is a great example of how the average player simply does not need rupees in most Zelda games. Only Zelda players (aka people trying to get as many secrets as possible) find uses for so much rupees. But once you got that golden armor, hording rupees became alot more meaningful. I'd actually go gather a bunch of rupees before going into a big battle in case I needed to put my armor on. I'm not upset with how any Zelda game did rupees (with the exception of WW), so I would not be against the method of using rupees. However, on paper, it looks like a really bad idea.

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