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Ocarina of Time Do You Think OoT 3DS Is a Good Idea?

Do you think and OoT remake is a good idea?

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does anyone know if the nintendo 3DS will have a game boy cartrige slot or not?

Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Financially, yes, it's a terrific idea. It'll sell like hotcakes among the fanboys.

As for me, I don't really buy it. So it's got 3D graphics, so it's got updated graphics, so what? That's no reason to buy a game I've already got that works perfectly fine.

The three things they need to do to make me actually want to pick it up is A) harder difficulty, :cool: make the overworld less of a hub, and C) extra goodies like an optional dungeon with new upgrades (I'd definately like an optional dungeon to be in the place of the Fairy Fountain where you get the Defense Upgrade and for the Defense Upgrade to be replaced with an upgraded White Tunic for Link),


Jun 2, 2010
Windfall Island
Depends on how you look at it. The majority of Zelda gamers know it as the best game of all time. Tinkering with it could lose its classic feel. There are things that I didn't like about the game like the empty field, lack of sidequests, and lack of emotion. While fixing these could make the game better, it could also be done wrong and it might not feel like the original N64 version. I think that changing the way it looks, sounds and plays (graphics, controls, etc.) is great but changing the way it feels (character personalities, story, locations, etc.) is danger zone. As long as they don't do TOO much with the latter would be fine by me.

Something positive that could come from this is that it could bring to gamers from this generation one of the best games of all time. Newer gamers might not have an N64 and don't realize that although the game is 12 years old, it's still great. This could have a negative though. Gamers used to the amazing graphics and hardcore gameplay of COD and Halo might not appreaciate the game and just not even consider buying it since it's old. This might not be a big problem though, since handhelds are generally more popular with the younger crowd and every kid under 10 that I've met seems to prefer the Fairytale-like OoT over the darker stylings of MM or TP.

Now that they're redoing OoT and StarFox 64, I have a feeling that everyone's going to want Nintendo to redo their personal favorite games. I personally would love to see MM with better graphics in 3D because I think the game is more artistically beautiful and has more colors than OoT. People who want Super Mario 64 or the original Super Smash Bros are going to be making petitions and trying to get Nintendo to redo that to. Once a few games are remade, people will want them all remade. That's also a possible negative.

Remaking a very popular, classic game is double-sided. It all depends on how Nintendo handles it. It doesn't matter though, 'cause we all know you'll buy it regardless of how good it is. ;)
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Triforce Eden

I personally think it's a great idea. OoT hasn't exactly aged well in terms of controls and the such. I look forward to picking this one up!


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
I voted maybe, but overall, I think it's a good idea. If it does come out a launch title, it will be very successful(even if not it probably will). And more importantly, it will bring younger gamers who never grew up in the N64 days into the series and to videogames altogether. I for one am one of those people, and while I never played it on the N64 itself(even though I had one), I got to play it on various systems.

I would like to see what they do with the controls to bring them up to date. But doing things like this may, like others have posted, ruin the feel of the game to veteran players. I do not want the magical feel that the original had to dissappear. If they change a few things to improve on the game, I will be fine with it. But, if they change it too much, it won't feel like the game we all love.


...No your other left
Jun 13, 2010
Missouri, USA
I do see your concern, but I am not worried. When they remade Super Mario 64 for the DS they did make some changes, but all of the changes where beneficial to the game. They went a step further by adding more stars and charictars. Any changes they make to OoT on the 3DS will be small and will be used to improve a already great game. Im all for the 3DS remake, I was hoping for a port to the DS a long time ago.
Good thread/Poll.


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
I'd prefer if Nintendo updated the graphics, improved sound quality, and made interface changes (particularly surrounding the Iron Boots). If they did anything other than that, I'd probably stop calling it a "remake" and instead a "re-imagining." I definitely do not want a re-imagining, because frankly, I think the game has proved that it has stood the test of time admirably, if not amazingly. IGN originally gave the 1998 OoT a 10/10 (in increments of 0.1), and reviewed the Virtual Console version 10 years later, twice, with both cases resulting in a 10/10. The first review was from someone who had played the game before, the second was from someone who had never played OoT before.
Regardless of how the press has looked at it, I want nothing more than a little extra polish; the game will be great if they don't change more than what's necessary.


Jul 26, 2010
I hope nothing comes out after the 3DS. I bought the Dsi like Last christmas. Dx. I don't know about the Remake.. Wont 3D make it.. Off? Anways, I still play it on the Old N64 Haha.


Jun 19, 2010
I think it's a great idea.I like the intro in the video they showed.I mean,a 3D OOT with better graphics and content that you can play ANYWHERE.I think that's a pretty good deal.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
I'm not all that enthusiastic about this remake. I don't know if it's supposed to be just an updated port or a full-fledged remake... if it's an updated port, I'll be a little upset that they'd waste the first 3DS Zelda title on a game we've already seen. If it's a full fledged remake, I'll be upset that they keep reverting back to OoT's success instead of pushing the series forward, but I'll be happy that at least the kids who came into Zelda fandom this generation will have a reason to play an older game and better understand what Zelda's all about.

It's not that I didn't like OoT. It was a great game.... but, I'm tired of OoT. Granted, the newer games have brought a lot to the Zelda table, but at the core, they still feel so much like OoT. See, OoT was much like ALttP, but while it was so similar (initially intended to be a remake of ALttP), it still changed Zelda. The newer games, while taking the good from OoT like OoT did from ALttP, haven't really pushed the series forward, and so I am tiring of the OoT-ness. Hate on the DS titles if you want, but they made some pretty big changes, regardless if better or worse than before. I don't want the formula to change, I just want a new revolution of the series. I don't think that will be achieved by remaking an older title.

But hey, Nintendo is full of surprises. I hope they make me eat my words. :>


Dec 3, 2008
I think it's difficult to tell at this point. At least for me. Of course, as others have mentioned it will most likely sell quite well, therefore making lots of money. I'm sure that is good for Nintendo.

But, on the actual game play end I'm still on the fence. I really didn't like Super Mario 64 DS. I mean, having Mario 64 on the go is nice and all, and it's interesting to see some fun new changes to a classic game... but wait. I didn't like the new content and changes for Mario 64 DS at all. I would have much rather had just a Mario 64, with just Mario, with a whole bunch of new levels. Now that is my perfect idea of the remake.

I just want the core game, plus extra content. Be it some side quests with some new items that may or may not utilize the 3DS things like the mic, 3D and touch screen. Or maybe it's just an optional dungeon or two such as the Colour Dungeon. Maybe it's a whole new part of the story. Who knows right? Those would all make me quite happy.

However, what if they go the Mario 64 DS route? They add tons of new content, yet they greatly change the core game? This would bother me. On many occasions I'd love to play a Zelda game as a different character (see Mario 64 DS), but an OoT remake is not one of them. Or if they do make large changes to the core game, then they should at least offer the core game separate on the same cart. Then I could have fun with a portable OoT, and try out the new content as well. That would make me fairly happy.

So at this point, I really don't know. I'd have to see what they are really doing with the game. What they are changing, what they are adding, and what they are keeping. Then I will be able to make a proper judgement.


Milk was a bad idea.
Jul 21, 2010
My Casa!
I'm totally up for it. I'm really interested to see how the 3D part is going to work.. no glasses? I don't know. 3D things usually make my eyes hurt really badly, but I'm hoping I can actually play it. I voted yes, because reguardless if I like it or not, it will make tons of moola for nintendo, and in order to make something new seem more appealing, why not use an old favorite? I think it was a genius idea wheather its good or not.


King of Redeads
Jul 27, 2010
Top Lad
Oh great another remake. I'll still buy it because I love the game, but they seriously remade this way too much. It's time to move on and remake another game such as Majora's mask.

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