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Do You Talk to Yourself?

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
Talk with myself? Man, I have arguments with myself. I'm talking to myself constantly and in fact refer to myself in plural form in my head, like what Gollum does. It's the weirdest thing. Victor and I don't get along on a lot of issues, and he's constantly berating me for stupid stuff I'm doing. Sometimes it's just inner monologue, but most of the time I am literally fighting my darker self. It's enough to make me think I have some form of disassociative identity disorder or something.


Day Dream
Oct 24, 2012
Alot. Especially when I'm drawing. I'll have weird conversations with myself.

"Well, what about that color?"
"That would definitely work!"
"Nah... it needs to fit with this color."
"You never agree with me. ;c"

Violet Link

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Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
I do it every time. I'm always doing it silently in my head when if there is people around and then talking myself loudly when there is no one around. It's a nice habit for me already, it's quite happy..
Mainly because sometimes I talk to my "friends". No one in my life realized this. It's kinda annoying when I was in a conversation with "someone", someone just gets in and ruins the conversation. (If you know what that actually meant.)


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I always talk to myself. In fact, ever since I was eight years old, I would talk to myself obsessively. Why? Well, it started out with this whole concept of imaginary friends. I've had many i-friends (lol i is the imaginary unit) but I realized that...they were imaginary. I sheltered myself from the outside world and just talked to myself for days on end. I only did it--only DO it--when I'm alone by myself. Since it started, it has evolved into this weird thing where I'm Link with my wife Zelda and I have five daughters and I live in a world where it's just peaceful within the city. Yeah...I have too much time to talk to myself as you can see. :)
Every day. I have complete conversations with myself all the time (normally whispered, sometimes just mental, and occasionally out loud at my normal speaking volume). I even change my voice to correspond with "who" is talking at that moment (hint: it's me). I also use my habit of talking to myself as practice for LP's. I will also read things out loud and verbally respond to them.
Feb 23, 2011
Yes. I think I might have schizophrenia, and my social anxiety might very well be a comorbid condition....


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
I always talk to myself. I mean who else is that awesome to talk to except for MYSELF.
Seriously though ever since joining this zany community I start pretending be ZD members like for instance I will say "hey axle I'm hungry can you make me some toast" and then me as axle will be all like "excuse me but I don't like toast you would prefer noodles" then I'm all like "well in my opinion I like toast more". Then as axle I grab my head and start smashing it repetitively against the wall until I'm bleeding left and right and shouting "YOUR OPINIONS DON'T MATTER" Then I cry "I'm sorry axle". and at the time i was at a sweet shop and as axle i started trying to suffocate myself with giant marshmallows, nearly died that day. Thankfully some men in white cloths stopped me as axle and took my to be rehabilitated and tried to stop the voices. Hehehe but jokes on them I just asked Axle to get me a loaf of bread and he's just agreed. >D


GoodNight SunShine!
Mar 7, 2009
Gran Pulse
Yes. I talk to myself whenever I'm doing homework or playing videogames. It helps out quite a bit. But, when it comes to keeping track of those daily "things to do"; I often make lists, so I don't forget anything.


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Huh, I wasn't expecting everyone to say yes to this. It's somewhat reassuring.

Yes, I talk to myself. I talk to myself all day long, everyday. Sometimes it's just saying what I'm doing ("Got to remember to take the bins out and then wash the dishes"), other times it's actual conversations, as though my brain is a separate person that I am trying to explain something to and other times it's me in front of a mirror ranting on about something which has irked me in some way. These mirror rants are not done as me trying to convince 'Mirror Me' to agree with my view, it's more 'Him' telling me these things, as though I am the listener.

I think it's something to do with seeking agreement. Like, if something has upset me and I want to rant about it I don't want the other person to say "Well, I see your point, but...", I just want them to nod their head and say "Yes! I agree! It absolutely was his turn to walk the dog! This is an outrage!" Who else could possibly agree with me more than me?
So I have the rants to myself. Usually very loudly.

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